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Odoo 15 expected features

A sneak peek at Odoo 15 expected features

As scheduled every year since 2014, Odoo is expected to continue this year too, in releasing a new features-packed version of Odoo. The new version i.e. Odoo 15 is set to release new features this year-end in the Odoo Experience Meet, which is most likely to be conducted virtually around the globe similar to last year due to the ongoing pandemic of Covid-19. With having over 5 million clientele from around the world, Odoo is truly an open-source business application that can be integrated and customized as a software solution for one’s business needs.

Currently, version 14 is the top model available in the Odoo market. It is considered the most advanced and fastest business solution to date, compared to its competitors in the market. The arrival of Odoo 14 boosted all the business sectors that relied on the ERP solutions as Odoo introduced many several new, attractive features and extensions along with widgets for different modules which enabled the enhancement of effective ERP features for industries that are continuously improving.

Thanks to Odoo 14, the big buzz for Odoo 15 release date and Odoo 15 expected features are highly anticipated terms in 2021 for Odoo. As Odoo users are eager every year to know what Odoo might come up with, a lot of discussions and rumors are going among users and developers regarding Odoo 15 features. However, the full feature list can only be known and understood during the Odoo 15 release and the talk after that, hence here we are after a lot of research with a list of predictions and features that may be rolled out with the Odoo 15 release.


Odoo 15 expected features being researched


Odoo 15 Expected Features:

Sales and Point Of Sale

  1. Odoo 15 features a newly redesigned E-Commerce product page. Gift card support is being expected for odoo sales and website along with coupons and promotion program in the Point Of Sale module.


  1. A new field is being introduced with Odoo 15 in Accounting > Configuration > Management > Cash rounding segment for managing the invoices of the company operation. With this method, the users will be able to easily use previously developed rounding methods for customer invoices.
  2. Users may be able to generate an appropriate CSV file containing the information needed to e-file their 1099 reports all in one go.
  3. Odoo 15, may also bring in the ability for users to generate NACHA(National Automated Clearing House Association) that will be accepted by all US banks to pay or schedule mass vendor’s bills. Also, refactoring of the payment APIs & implementations is expected to be included with Odoo 15 version.

Increased functionality

  1. Odoo version 15 is believed to be rolling out OWL Sheet 2.0. This will enable the spreadsheet to support Real-time Collaboration with ERP data. Formula assistant, Edit bar, Find & replace, Project burn-down chart landing are a few of many features awaited.
  2. It is also speculated that version 15 will be including a new test helper i.e. ‘capture_trigger’ that allows the users to validate if a crown exists and triggers at the right time
  3. A new model is predicted to manage assets from the user interface along with having ES6 and a new debugging asset mode.
  4. An improved new Inventory view may also be included in Odoo 15
  5. With Odoo 15, users might be getting an option to automatically fetch images of the products directly from google based on the barcode.
  6. Business Intelligence Tools and Robotic Process Automation may also be included for improved functionality of highly anticipated Odoo version 15. 

Website builder

  1. Web builder in Odoo 15 will be rolling out a new improved import screen option, which will be available in all the required modules and functional tabs. For example, a menu that is capable of handling cash rounding.
  2. Another capable feature that is expected to be available is the option to edit the pivot view and graph views using Odoo Studio.
  3. Prediction of Odoo 15 introducing new HTML Editor and new commands and Odoo Website Builder introducing shapes on images are also coming along.
  4. The 15th version will also be dropping the old Jinja mail template which will tend to bring advantages like
    1. Translation by parts, not by the whole block
    2. Visual editor
    3. Template not broken when editing by UI

Concluding, it can be said that similarly to 2020, this year in 2021 too Odoo is set to bring a lot of anticipated features to maintain its position as one of the best ERP solutions providers and the first choice of many business organizations. If your business is also looking to stay up-to-date with the upcoming features, our expert certified odoo developers are ready to help. You can email us at [email protected] or visit Uncanny Consulting Services LLP to get more details and also to get a free customized quote for your business. 



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