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Reasons why you should choose Magento as your eCommerce platform

Why Choose Magento for eCommerce business: Here are your top reasons.

eCommerce businesses bloomed as Covid-19 forced everyone to stay indoors. In fact, Forbes reported that in April 2020, the online retailers of the U.S. had year-over-year(YoY)revenue growth driven up by 68% compared to 2019. Ecommerce orders in U.S. and Canada also saw an increase of 129% from April 2019 to April 2020. Hence, it comes as no surprise knowing that people around the globe have started taking their business online to reach more audiences and to increase revenue.

With 93.5% of global internet users have purchased products online in 2021, it has been estimated that by the year 2040, 95% of all purchases will be through eCommerce stores. And so if you are planning to take your eCommerce business online, this is the best time to get started. But as you are here, we guess you have already decided to get started with your online store but you are confused whether a Magento website will be the best for your online store or not.

Before diving into the reasons why Magneto is the best platform for your eCommerce business development, let’s get to know some interesting facts about Magento first.  

  • Magento was developed in the year 2007 and was released in 2008. It has been 13 years since its release and more than 100,000 online stores have been created on this platform to date.
  • Many global brands like Ford, Land Rover, Nike, Pepe Jeans, Samsung, Omega Watches, Bulgari, Christian Louboutin have powered their presence on the internet using Magento as their platform
  • In 2018, Adobe, a software company well-known for its creative and multimedia application acquired Magneto. It now plans to merge it with its cloud experience to take the platform on whole another new level.
  • Magneto is so popular on the internet, that “Magneto” has been searched more than “eCommerce”, which shows the popularity of the platform amongst its users.

With these facts there are no wonders why Magento is considered as one of the best platforms for eCommerce business, but if you still are in doubt, here are the top 8 reasons why you should choose Magneto for your online business venture.

Magento for your eCommerce solutions

An Open Source Platform

One of the main reasons why Magneto is the preferred choice of many developers and also why it has attracted many admirers around the globe is the fact that it is open-source. This means that the source code is freely available and it can be customized and changed as per the business need and use to his/her advantage.

If you are planning to hire a Magento developer, he/she can help you built the extensions with all the features and functions that your business needs without any limits, and that is one of the reasons why many website developers love to work with Magento and business owners tend to build their online store on this platform.

Community support

Another prime reason why Magneto is more popular than its competitors is its wide community. The Magneto community is a big network consisting of dedicated developers, programmers, bloggers, project managers, product managers, CEOs, etc. from around the world who are always ready to help each other out.

If you as a developer are facing any problems, you can always go to the forums and discussions happening in the community where they share regular updates, tips, and ideas too. There are even meetups organized where you can meet your fellow Magento mates.

Security is on their priority

Frauds & data thefts are not new in the digital world and, hence security is the most significant thing you need to consider while selecting any eCommerce platform. To prevent these online threats, Magneto has a professional team of security constantly updating and looking for new ways to secure the eCommerce platform.

Security components such as PCI compliance or SSL certificate can be easily implemented with Magento, In fact, the  Magento Enterprise edition includes a Secure Payment Bridge which helps you achieve PCI compliance that ensures your customer’s safety while purchasing from your website.

It’s Scalable

Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, you can scale Magento as per your needs. Explaining scalable in Magento, you can start your business on a small scale with a limited number of products and grow into a big eCommerce brand with thousands of products on your website with Magento without switching platforms.

You can even start with the Magneto free version and then shift onto the Enterprise version as your business grows without any hassle. 

High Performance

Looking at the performance factor, Magneto strives to provide the best performance and user experience. With the page load time, query processing time, and other static operations, Magento ensures optimum performance, reducing page abandonment rate, leading to an increase in conversion rate. 

Additionally, Magneto being open-source can be configured and optimized for high performance with customized infrastructure and your choice of hosting provider. 

SEO Friendly

There is no doubt that your business appearing in the google top search results, attracts more potential customers to your website. The developers that built the Magneto platform kept that in mind and hence it is SEO efficient. 

Magento uses the best of efficient SEO practices that are generating search engine-friendly URL structures, auto-generated XML sitemaps, tags, titles, and descriptions with relevant keywords, and many more. Make sure to use these features to the fullest to drive up your sales.


With the majority of the purchases happening on the internet are through mobile phones, your website must be customized and optimized for mobile interface as well.  Magento Community and Enterprise editions both offer mobile shopping experiences across multiple web browsers and devices which provides a seamless shopping experience to your customers.

Magneto for eCommerce was built to be compatible with smartphones and hence one of the reasons why it is considered as one of the best platforms for eCommerce website development.

Personalized Experience

Personalized experiences are the key to customer satisfaction. Thanks to the intelligent capabilities of Magneto, products based on factors like gender, location, history of purchases and wish list items are put in front of the customer.  This helps in improving conversion rate and also increasing the chances of turning the visitors into potential customers. 

Summing things up, from support to security, and scalability to personalized experiences, we discussed all the top reasons why you should consider Magneto for your online business venture. We hope this article helped you and if you are looking for further details on how magneto can help your specific business, you can speak to our Magento eCommerce consultant for a free no-obligation quote. You can simply email us at [email protected] or visit us at uncannycs.com, fill out the form and we will get back to you with details.



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