An Overview of Odoo ADA Pay Plugins

An Overview of Odoo ADA Pay Plugins

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Odoo is an open-source ERP system with a whopping 7 million users that have been adopted from startups to large enterprises. Recently, there has been news doing rounds that Rodolfo Miranda, one of the winners of Catalyst fund 7, has completed an ADA Pay plugin on Odoo. This ADA play plugin is meant for medium-sized businesses.

What is Odoo?

Odoo is an all-in-one business tool with several modules for  Human Resources, Manufacturing, Financial Management, Warehouse Management, and Project Management.  One major thing that differentiates Odoo from other platforms is it is an open-source software. With this, users can create customized solutions for their respective businesses.

Odoo Enterprise has all the features that are in Odoo Community. The only difference is that Odoo Enterprise also has some additional customization features. One can make use of Odoo studio for creating a customized experience for your business.

This cloud-based Online Edition of Odoo ERP is specially designed for solving SME needs. Odoo has a dedicated app for carrying out every business function. With this, budding business owners can start from scratch by picking a few apps. They can add more applications as and when required.

ADA Pay Plugins

ADA pay gateway solution is the best way to introduce ADA among the people. It is built on blockchain technology, which aids merchants to accept ADA as a payment method with instant settlement. Earlier, Carl Henry Global worked on an ADA Pay plugin for various shopping platforms like WooCommerce and WordPress.

At a project catalyst challenge, COTI – one of the finance ecosystems, invited teams to develop ADA Pay plug-in solutions. These plug-in solutions can be integrated with various eCommerce platforms. From a total of 16 submissions, only 5 were provided with the required funds. The main aim behind this project is to offer an application for Odoo that works as a payment acquirer. It must accept ADA for payments using the ADA Pay API.

With the help of ADA Pay API, you can simplify the entire development process. The team of COTI works hard to provide the much-needed support. They are highly professional and dedicated individuals.


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