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Hiring iOS developers from Uncanny will provide you with a dependable team for completing your project successfully. With an experience of more than a decade, we have worked with different clients all across the globe. We have a team of experienced iOS developers for performing custom iOS app development. They are capable of building feature rich iOS applications from scratch. Besides this, they also offer constant maintenance and support for your project. 

No matter if you are a small or a medium-sized company, Our iOS app developers can help you by joining your development team. Our iOS Developers are trained in various technologies like Objective-C, Swift, Flutter, and React Native. They have the experience to build a dependable and secure application by using the iOS platform. 

Being a top iOS development company, we just don’t have experienced developers. We have substantial experience of code versioning and soft skills for managing the entire app development process. Hire iOS developers from a large group of mid-level and senior developers. We will help you build scalable and interactive custom solutions. 

Hire IOS Developer

What is iOS?

The term iOS refers to a mobile operating system created and developed by Apple Inc. It comprises a larger ecosystem such as iPhoneOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS.

Who is an iOS developer?

An iOS developer is an individual capable of developing iOS applications with Apple’s proprietary IDE. Besides this, they also have the knowledge of various programming languages such as Swift and Objective-C. 

In recent times, everyone expert iOS developers have knowledge of both Swift and Apple’s iOS frameworks. iOS developers are considered to be full-stack developers as they are responsible for designing and developing the front-end and back-end of a mobile application.

What is the Process of Hiring iOS Developers?



First, we will take some time to understand your business needs. All you have to do is give us a brief about your idea. We make sure to keep all your information private and secure. Once you provide us with the job information such as roles and responsibilities. We will be able to find you an expert with the required skills within your pre-decided budget.

Choose a CV

Reviewing the application

In a time span of just 48 hours, we will find the best profile for your business and share it with you. After that you can review and send the selected profiles to us.

Take Interview


After picking the suitable candidates, it is time to interview the candidates over a voice or a video call. If you are still not satisfied with the candidates, we can send you more candidates’ profiles to you.

Hire a Team


After the interview, you can pick the candidate of your choice and hire them. We will have some terms and conditions to go through and sign an NDA for your app-idea security.

Our iOS App Development Services

Custom iOS App Development

Custom iOS App Development

If you are looking forward to having a customized application for your business, then you must opt for iOS development services. Our iOS app developers are experienced enough to develop a customized and secured iOS application that will improve your business.

iOS App Designing

iOS App Designing

At Uncanny, we have a team of experienced iOS UI/UX Designers who can develop innovative and feature-rich iOS application designs for your business. We create designs that are attractive, interactive and meet your business needs.

iOS App Enhancement & Migration

iOS App Enhancement & Migration

We have a team of iOS programmers who are constantly working on your iOS application updates. With this, you are expected to get an amazing user experience every time you use to operate it. Our iOS developers hold expertise in migrating the current mobile app to iOS platforms with full security and zero data loss.

iOS App QA & Testing

iOS App QA & Testing

Our experienced iOS quality analyst focuses on your applications and solutions for improving speed, responsiveness, and other features.

iOS App Maintenance and Support

iOS App Maintenance and Support

At Uncanny, we have well-trained iOS developers to maintain your application for boosting its performance. We provide 24×7 customer support to resolve your project-related issues to ensure your app is working well.

Why Hire iOS Developers from Uncanny?

Experienced Team

At Uncanny, we have a team of experienced iOS developers who have worked on projects of different sizes and complexities. They have the skill required for creating applications that meet your specific business needs.

Dedicaticated Developers

When you hire a dedicated iOS developer from Uncanny you will get a professional who will make your project successful. They will be working with you to understand your needs and ensure that the application meets all of your requirements.


We always ensure to offer high-quality work for every project under us. Our iOS developers follow the regular industry standards to ensure that your application is scalable and bug-free.

Affordable Pricing

At Uncanny, we offer the best iOS development services at a pocket-friendly price. You will get experienced iOS developers at a price that suits you and your business altogether.

Frequently Asked Questions

The term iOS refers to a mobile operating system created and developed by Apple Inc. It comprises a larger ecosystem such as iPhoneOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS.

Hiring a dedicated iOS app developer will provide you with customized services for your project at an affordable cost. They will specifically look after your project, which will result in faster and more impactful results.

Foremost, you must make a list of tasks that you want the developer to perform. Once you have done that, it is time to pick the developer and technology. After everything is finalized, we will set up everything and connect you to our developer.

Hiring an iOS developer from Uncanny will help you save on salaries, and comes with zero recruitment costs, and flexible hiring models. Our experienced iOS app developers will take on everything from your shoulders and free you from the exhausting process.

The hiring cost of an iOS developer is dependent on the expertise level needed for your project.