Transforming the Finance sector with an infusion of Technology!


Our main aim is to help various business sectors in implementing technological developments. We are into developing unique, secure, and flexible solutions for financial organizations serving Small and medium-sized enterprises. With our financial software development services, you’ll get proper data security and connectivity.

At Uncanny, we strive to make use of digital technologies for solving business problems. For technological growth, you’ll need to choose a stable financial network and increase your IT investment with the right partner. We work towards integrating advanced technology along with accessibility, speed, and stability for financial institutions, banks, and Fintech companies.

Finance and Technology Are Better Together

Robust solution

Once you’ve automated your manual tasks, ensure to make them secure. One of the best ways to make your financial application robust is to opt for User authentication and the latest encryption methods. With this, user can perform their transactions safely and securely, store any confidential information and share them as and when required.

Constant Observation

Use customized software to create a protocol that will constantly help your organization be on the top, even after frequent changes. You can turn all your manual tasks into automatic ones with Compliance Management Software.

Better Customer Service

With the help of FinTech software, you can help your clients in managing their everyday financial transactions easily. This finance and insurance software will provide the user with improved customer service.

Analytical Reports

If you wish to see your business grow, always count on data. Create in-house analytics and report solutions. It will help you get some important insights about your user’s data and usage. To get some deep insights about your users, generate reports, acquire statistics and export them further.

Finance and Technology Are Better Together

Segments That Come Under Our Umbrella

Managing Capital Market

Managing Capital Market

We ensure to carry out time-stamped transactions, personalized trading dashboards, stocks and trading portals, and investment app development. All of this can be handled with the help of our capital market solutions.

E-wallet Providers

E-wallet Providers

We at Uncanny look forward to providing a secured mobile wallet app along with finding challenges that are unknown. Our way of digitizing business is to provide blockchain, automation, and cloud.

Commercial Banks

Commercial Banks

With powerful banking software, you’ll be able to have a single view along with deposits, loans, money withdrawals, B2B and B2C payments, etc. Our services determined by customer analytics.

Housing Finances

Housing Finances

We are soon going to adopt the first time right (FTR) development approach. With this, there are higher chances of getting better results and top-quality solutions at affordable prices.

Why is Uncanny best for Finance & Insurance Solutions?

Uncanny helps businesses to keep up with the ever-changing world of finance and technology. Our team of experts are capable enough to do risk analysis and financial forecasting.

9+ Years Of Experience

With almost 9+ years of experience, we have a fair idea about what is needed to build a go-to solution for finance related business. Our main aim is to provide you with the best solutions at affordable prices.

Managing Portfolio

Our team of professionals looks after asset obligations for different credit risk models and cash flows.

24×7 Support And Maintenance

No matter when, you require help, our team will help you around the clock. We will ensure to solve all your problems in time. With 24×7 Support, your software will always be up-to-date.

Instant Payment Solutions

One can reinvent their payments through the goods and channels of your bank. All of this is done through digital ways. With our team onboard, you’ll get a simpler and protected payment processes and platforms.

On-Time Project Delivery

We follow an easy development process for ensuring that our team is working in sync. With this, we are able to deliver our projects on time without compromising on their quality.

End-To-End Software Development Solutions

Our team of experts will provide you with a full-stack development solution. They can handle every aspect of your website, be it designing, marketing, sales, or testing. You’ll get quality software without any hassle.


The only difference between banking and financial services is that banks can acquire deposits. The financial services cannot get deposits, but offer various services like insurance services and asset management services.
Our team uses both traditional and advanced programming languages like Java, Scala, and Golang. Besides this, they also make use of frameworks for different FinTech projects.
The time factor for developing a FinTech application depends upon the requirements of the specific project.
There is no fixed cost of developing an application. It depends on the project requirements. You can get in touch with our team for getting an estimation for your project.