Odoo Mobile App Development

Mobile applications are in trend and are over-taking desktops in the market. One of the best ways to connect with your audiences is by opting for mobile applications. Odoo mobile app development for android/iOS offers access to all Odoo applications from your mobile phone.

At Uncanny, we have an experienced team of Odoo developers who understand your needs and customize the native mobile application as per your business requirements. We work towards unfolding the potential of your mobile phone to transform your business with our developed mobile apps.

Odoo Mobile App Development

Top Features of Odoo Mobile App Development

Push Notifications

With Odoo mobile apps, you can share the actual information and also get instant feedback or updates from customers through push notifications.

Nurturing & Engaging Customers

Mobile apps powered with Odoo have various features like an interactive homepage and push notifications. With this, you can increase communication and interaction with your customers.

Effortless Checkout and Payment Process

With Odoo mobile app, you can be sure that your customers will check out effortlessly in just some simple steps. Our Odoo can help you configure a simple and user-friendly checkout process at the payment page on mobile app.

Types of Odoo Mobile App Development

Odoo Android App Development

Opting for a particular development approach is the client’s choice. Once you have made a choice, we will look after the resources required, features and the project timeline. We have a team of experienced full-stack android developers who have the knowledge to work with Android app development tools and frameworks.

At Uncanny, we also develop Odoo mobile apps for an android operating system. Our previous works include building Android applications on Kotlin and Java languages. We also use Dart and React Native for Android App development.

Odoo iOS App Development

At Uncanny, we follow a specific industry standard for the iOS development processes. iOS has always been a promoter of potent and inspiring ideas through its development processes. Our developers work to create a software framework that depends on various sets of mobile and web technologies.

At Uncanny, we also develop Odoo mobile apps for the iOS operating system. Generally, native iOS applications are built on Objective-C and Swift.

What are the advantages of Odoo Mobile App Development for your Organization ?

Automatic Synchronization

Any changes made in the mobile app can automatically sync to the server.

Real-Time Data

You will always have access to updated information as it connects to Odoo mobile app in real-time.

Extends Functionality

Reveal Odoo’s functionality in Odoo mobile app through Odoo’s mobile app framework for Android and iOS.

Integrating Mobile Device

You can get various benefits from your mobile device, such as a camera, fingerprint reader, and tracking current location. All you have to do is upload an image of the receipt and Odoo will record expenses with AI functionality.

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