Choose Custom Software Solutions for taking your Media & Entertainment business to new heights!


Recently, there has been a huge change in the Media and Entertainment business works. The reason is technology. With advancements in technology, consumers now have easy access to their favourite content. In this rapid changing world where consumer behaviour is changing continuously, you need to evolve your media generation and deployment process with software

The game changer in media and entertainment industry is none other than advancement in technology and change in demographics. To be in this game, one has to update their broadcasting and streaming service functionalities. These functions comprise voice search, live-streaming, and improved video quality.

At Uncanny, we will provide you with best-in class solutions starting from content, distribution to growth. We aim to improve your content and lead you towards a successful tomorrow.

Quality Services for the Next Gen Users

Instant Information Sharing

Invest in creating customized software solution that will let your user share apt information instantly. One can think of adding social media sharing feature to their software. This will help businesses in connecting with a vast audience. These audiences could be ranging from a kid to elder people.

Improved Customer Engagement

One can attract their targeted audience with implementation of a feature-rich content management system. There is dire need to understand the needs of consumer and providing with the same. With this, you are meant to receive greater user traffic and customer engagement.

Digital Revolution

The first step towards digital revolution in media & entertainment industry is making content accessible anytime and anywhere. With the help of apt software solution, one can transform the way people consume media.

Smooth Media Operations

By streamlining your media operations, you can definitely see an increase in the efficiency of your team. With the help of advanced technology, you’ll be able to handle your back-end operations, and provide the latest information to your consumers.

Quality Services for the Next Gen Users

Segments That Come Under Our Umbrella


Analytical Solutions

We ensure to provide customized content to our clients for generating engagement with their users. We believe in innovations that are backed by Artificial intelligence and captivate higher interaction throughout the consumer journey.



Now, we have also immersed ourselves in to building gaming applications. We make use of the latest technologies to create games that are creative, artistic and technologically brilliant.

Audio & Video

Audio & Video

We provide solution according to the needs of our clients. Our team of experts work on live, music, and video management software for providing easy access to consumers.

Printing And Publishing

Printing And Publishing

We are looking forward to associating with top-notch publishers for taking up models that will improve efficiency and launch new revenue streams.

Why is Uncanny best for Media & Entertainment Solutions?

Providing top consumer experience and better technological infrastructure is a great way to earn digital success. Our team of experts are working towards providing end-to-end application development services.

9+ Years Of Experience

With almost 9+ years of experience, we have a fair idea about what is needed to build a go- to solution for your media & entertainment business. Our main aim is to provide you with the best solutions at affordable prices.

AI-Enabled Solutions

We aim to revolutionize your network operations and management by making use of digital and next generation technologies with AI.

24×7 Support And Maintenance

No matter when, you require help, our team will help you around the clock. We will ensure to solve all your problems in time. With 24×7 Support, your software will always be up-to-date.

Applying Digital Marketing Solutions

We at Uncanny work on implementing strategies and programs that will drive content-driven customer interaction. Not only that, we also make use of several digital marketing tricks to attract your target audience.

On-Time Project Delivery

We follow an easy development process for ensuring that our team is working in sync. With this, we are able to deliver our projects on time without compromising on its quality.

End-To-End Software Development Solutions

Our team of experts will provide you with a full-stack development solution. They can handle every aspect of your website, be it designing, marketing, sales, or testing. You’ll get quality software without any hassle.


The timeframe may differ depending on the complexity of the project. Some applications take weeks to develop, whereas others may take numerous months.
The cost of creating a media application is based on the elements like design complexity, product scope, etc. We recommend you to contact our team to get a detailed cost estimation.
We protect our projects by opting for non-disclosure agreements (NDAs). We try our best to protect the idea of your application.