Technology is the whole and sole of great advertising!


With our smart advertising services, you can easily boost the performance and profits of your advertising business.

Opting for smart marketing applications will let your business increase spending on advertising. We at Uncanny provide robust and smart marketing software that will help you get deep insights into the crucial factors of customer loyalty, revenue growth, and sales change.

Ace in the World of Advertising

Pick a Marketing Software

One of the best ways to have good customer relations is by tracking and analyzing things that make your customer feel content. You can do so by looking after customer accounts and boosting potential interest through customized offers. There are applications available for mobile loyalty that customize promotions and provide specific product information.

Create an Advertising Plan

Ensure to analyze and schedule all the campaigns for various media channels like radio, print, TV, and the internet. Amalgamating all the media channels in one plan will help you find the exceptional advertising strategy.

Managing Promotions

With the help of Trade Promotion Management application, you can take your brand to the next level. All you need to do is plan promotion changes, observe the execution of retailer commitments, review the campaign result, and forecast sales volume.

Influencer Marketplace

If you wish to revamp your social networks into consumer acquisition tools, then you must opt for a marketing app.


Segments That Come Under Our Umbrella


Advertising companies

While working with advertising agencies, we make sure to integrate a publishing advertising tool. With this tool, you can rearrange the advertising content and showcase the ad flow on newspaper pages and e-publications automatically.


Digital Publishing Company

We offer digital publishing solutions to publishing houses for creating e-Papers, and e-Magazines for both mobile and web publications.


Marketing Entrepreneurs

Our team of experts designs publishing automation software for automating various content publishing processes, and store content.


Adtech Firms

Our experienced professionals are working towards Adtech Digital Advertising solution development services. These services are for research companies, agencies, brands, and tech firms.

Why is Uncanny best for Finance & Insurance Solutions?

Uncanny helps businesses to keep up with the ever-changing world of finance and technology. Our team of experts are capable enough to do risk analysis and financial forecasting.

9+ Years Of Experience

With almost 9+ years of experience, we have a fair idea of what is needed to build a go-to solution for your advertising business. Our main aim is to provide you with the best solutions at affordable prices.


All our digital solutions comply with high standard security to avoid any threats to our efforts in establishing exceptional quality.

Flexible Approach

Our flexible development approach ensures to improve your products and their delivery time. We ensure that all our team members are on the same page and are working efficiently.

24×7 Support And Maintenance

No matter when, you require help, our team will help you around the clock. We will ensure to solve all your problems in time. With 24×7 Support, your software will always be up-to-date.

On-Time Project Delivery

We follow an easy development process for ensuring that our team is working in sync. With this, we are able to deliver our projects on time without compromising on their quality.

End-To-End Software Development Solutions

Our team of experts will provide you with a full-stack development solution. They can handle every aspect of your website, be it designing, marketing, sales, or testing. You’ll get quality software without any hassle.


At Uncanny, we have experienced professionals who hold expertise in providing digital solution for the advertising industry. With the help of TMP application, you can take your business to the next level by predicting sales volume, looking after retailer commitments, and analyzing data-driven sales.
We provide our services to different segments of the advertising industry. We offer digital publishing solutions to publishing houses for creating e-Papers and e-Magazines for both mobile and web publications.
Our experts help clients in developing and customizing a CRM solution. We make sure that this solution befits their workflow. With a robust CRM framework, publishers can distribute their content over multiple digital platforms.