Use advanced technology to transform your Real Estate Business!


When solving complex real estate business problems, always count on contemporary technology. The overall process of real estate business can be streamlined with appropriate technical solutions. Customized relationship management can improve communication between agents, buyers, real estate firms, and brokers. Last but not least, it will also boost your property-management lifecycle.

We at Uncanny create real estate business solutions that will help your business grow and compete with other contemporaries. Our software is aiming towards making communication easier between real estate companies and their respective clients. 

Moving Towards Tech-Based Real Estate Business

Instant Lead Conversions

With automation of client communication, scheduling, and customer notifications, you’ll be able to shorten your sales cycle. With this software, you’ll have more time to focus on handling your customers better.

Customer Journey Awareness

One of the best ways to understand your customers is to use MI, AI, and data analytics. Based on these results, you can provide your customers with what they are looking for and then offer them similar properties.

Simplified Offline Operations

With the use of this software, you can streamline your offline operations and ditch all the manual paperwork. This digitization will in result improve the productivity of your employees and give them time to acquire new skills. There are higher chances of acquiring more business with a customized end-to-end solution.

Automate Sales Funnel Once you know your audiences, you can easily move to an automated sales funnel. This sales funnel will undoubtedly help you in gaining better lead conversion. All you need to do is define your sales cycle and make the process fully automated.
Real Estate

Segments That Come Under Our Umbrella

Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate

With IT solutions, commercial real estate dealers can make the best use of their investment returns. Opting for a customized real estate managing solution will help you list and manage all your commercial properties.

Real Estate

Property Business

We work on developing Multiple Listing Service platforms for purchasing APIs from third-party MLS providers. If you pick an MLS solution along with CRM, your agents and brokers will get a personalized listing.

Real Estate

Residential Real Estate

One can digitize the residential real estate region by streamlining the sale and acquisition process. Our trained professionals provide the best software solutions for real estate marketplace.