Odoo ERP

One Application to meet all your business needs!

Odoo is one of the leading ERP software systems loaded with several features. These features are of great value to business owners. It is a robust software solution extending help in enterprise resource planning. Odoo has the capability to maintain the coordination of different departments. Apart from that, it looks after separate operations on a single platform.

Odoo ERP

Odoo ERP Software

Odoo is known for managing customers, employees, and finances smoothly. With this application, it also becomes easy to manage the storage and product transfers. Today, Odoo is one of the popular ERP systems with a whopping 7 million users or may be more than that. It is a reliable software for tracking employee’s efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

The main reason behind the rapid growth of Odoo ERP system is nothing, but its open-source feature. Odoo is also power-packed with 28500 plus add-on free and paid modules. You can add these modules to the existing ones and help your business grow to another level.

Why Choose Odoo ERP System For Your Business?

Odoo ERP Applications

CRM Application

With a CRM application, you can schedule meetings, track your leads, and quote a price to your customers. It will transform all your manual tasks into automatic ones like your lead handling process.


Invoicing Application

With the help of Invoicing application, you can generate sales reports, email invoices to clients in one click, generate invoices automatically from sales orders and register client payments integration.

Accounting Application

This application facilitates you with various services like importing your bank accounts and comprehensive analytic and financial accounting for your business. Besides this, it also makes payment orders according to your supplier invoices.

Point of Sale

Point of sales is one of the best applications for retail stores and restaurants. With this application, you can run your business effortlessly and offer seamless integration with various devices like iPads, Barcode Scanners, Printers, and iPhones.


Sales Management

The sales management application will provide you with various services like scheduling client meetings, maintaining customer data, managing sales leads and issuing Sales Quotation to generate Sales Orders.

Payroll Management Application

The payment-management application helps you to create payslips, make salary rules, and define salary structure.

Manufacturing Applications

With the help of Manufacturing applications, you can track your manufacturing orders, manage & schedule Bills of Materials and list raw materials for your finalized products.

Inventory Management Application

Inventory management application lets you maintain stocks at multiple locations, generate multiple warehouses, Integrate QR-codes, and provide full inventory tracking capabilities.

Project Management Application

This application provides you with several facilities like the ability to maintain task status, make a project team, integrate a calendar, assign tasks to teams, internal chats, and maintain the working hours of the staff.

Human Resource Application

Human Resource application plays an impressive role in managing the employee database of both small and large businesses. It also offers help to manage your organization’s hierarchy, maintain staff attendance, and provide access rights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Odoo is one of those ERP software systems that keep on updating according to the latest trends in the market. The best thing about Odoo is its flexibility and user-friendly interface. No matter, if you have a small or large business, it is perfect for both of them. Odoo is power-packed with various features and functionalities.

Odoo is an enterprise resource planning software that is widely used by numerous businesses. Odoo is one of the best ERP systems as it provides integrated functional business apps called Odoo apps.

The main advantages of Odoo are as follows:
> Centralized data
> Boosts overall efficiency
> More transparency in work
> Robust warehouse management
> Better customer-relationship management

Odoo utilizes PostgreSQL as the database backend.

Odoo is power-packed with a total of 10,000 integrated apps that are available to optimize your store or website.