ERP Support and Maintenance

5 Things You Need to Know For ERP Support and Maintenance

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ERP Support and Maintenance


When it comes to selecting a tool that will help your business run smoothly, an efficient and robust ERP support and maintenance system can do amazing things for you. For example, after you implement open-source/ERP software into your business workflow, the next logistics are to make sure that you train all of your employees on how exactly this piece of technology works – but this is a vital part of making sure your company is able to get the full benefits from the software.

However, how can you be sure you’re receiving top-quality service when something goes wrong? After all, it’s important not only to consider what happens at the point of implementation with these systems but also afterward; because sometimes companies may be quick to promise everything at installation time but then don’t deliver on these promises later on.

Many organizations/companies and or businesses are not aware of the true costs and ramifications of ERP support and maintenance. This Negligence may result in the premature expiration of the software and in a way they are right to worry since neglecting the maintenance can inflict more harm than cost them benefits from having such expensive and advanced technology.

If you want to get the most from your software, there are a couple of things you’ll need to consider. Here we’ve compiled a list of tips related to Odoo ERP Support and Maintenance.

ERP System Up to date


ERP Support and Maintenance

Generally, most organizations do not care about upgrades if there are no bugs or problems associated with the program. But you should be aware that some ERP vendors issue updates every now and then. The updates get released in chronological order and it’s important to keep up with them because your vendor may stop supporting newer versions of the software if they feel that you aren’t doing your part.

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For example, they may stop giving you product support reachable through phone lines if they can tell that you haven’t kept up with the newest releases associated with your application package. Additionally, upgrades usually have new feature sets attached to them, so you end up getting their use without having to pay extra for them as advertised by the vendor’s sales team! So as a business owner, it is highly recommended to keep track of your modules updates at least once every 3 months or when prompted by your software representatives via email!

Improve the ERP

Improve the ERP

There are some changes that might occur, and one of them is the addition of new clients (beneficial) or the deletion of existing ones. Every now and then, a company’s appeal to a specific demographic will change; this may be because the business has acquired new skills or technology, which in turn appeals to a completely different group of customers (particularly as tech becomes more accessible & affordable); it could also be because they’ve lost their existing customers (exhausting).

A company can find itself relying on reports that have become outdated, which may limit its future growth objectives. It is imperative that they don’t ignore these circumstances by updating documentation software that was previously useful but no longer relevant.

Check out KPIs


When your company’s assets are wearing out or are just not powerful enough to keep up with modern-day technology/software and perhaps even your network systems have become outdated, this will result in a fall in your performance and hence efficiency too. So you need to implement new methods to prevent such situations from happening in the first place.

To prevent such situations, it’s vital that your company implements new methods to monitor KPIs that will help you on where exactly your business’ weaknesses lie so as to make an immediate improvement. At the end of every day and every hour throughout the week, short chats at a coffee time are important to take place between you and key members close by so as to note down any problems found which can come up and deal with them accordingly before too much damage is done.

Training your staffs

Training your staffs

A percentage of your company’s investment in the implementation of the ERP was allotted to training new recruits. It might be a good idea to give them an updated formal training session with your existing staff. Many of your employees or workers are bound to have picked up some bad/time-consuming/inefficient habits and practices over the course of using it so far.

If this is the case, they’re very likely to forget some of the material covered during their initial training session so it would be beneficial for them to be refreshed and re-trained on how to use it effectively moving forward

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