Everything You Need To Know About Odoo 17 Release

Everything You Need To Know About Odoo 17 Release

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With every passing year, Odoo comes up with a new updated version of the software. Last year (2022) around Oct 12, Odoo introduced its latest version known as the Odoo 16. The latest Odoo version is power packed with various UI/UX improvements and new introduced features in Odoo modules like marketing, MRP, accounting, etc.

Recently, Odoo 16 has been in the talks among all the business and enterprises be it small or mid-scale. It also gained a lot of popularity among odoo developers who are looking forward to taking their business to the next level. As we already reached the mid of 2023, one can expect a major update from Odoo.

Now that we are already past the first quarter of 2023, we can expect another major update from Odoo. I know what you are thinking about… Yes, we are referring to Odoo 17. It is expected that the latest Odoo version will be released around October 2023. Well, there has been no announcement regarding the release date of Odoo 17.

Here, we bring you a list of expected features and functionalities of the upcoming Odoo 17. But, before that, let’s know a bit about Odoo as a platform.

A Glimpse of Odoo ERP Software

Back in 2005, Odoo was release as an Odoo ERP software by Odoo SA. This platform is a comprehensive business application meant for CRM, Website, eCommerce, and Project Management. After almost a decade, Odoo introduced the Odoo enterprise version for the seamless operation of Odoo community version.

While drawing comparison between Odoo community vs Enterprise version, you will realize that the Odoo enterprise has more functionality. Besides this, you will also get a handful of accessibility features with Odoo hosting, Odoo studio customization, mobile app, etc.

In today’s time, Odoo is one of the most used ERP software used by companies of all sizes and industries such as retail, marketing, accounting, healthcare, manufacturing, etc. The release date of Odoo 17 is just around the corner, let’s see what does it have in store for us.

What are the new expected features of Odoo 17? 

The Odoo Experience is held every year during the event, the new version of Odoo is introduced to people. Last year, Odoo 16 was launched in Odoo Experience around October. This year, it is expected that Odoo 17 will be launched in the Odoo Experience event. This event is going to take place in Belgium between the 8th and 10th of November 2023.

Here is a list of things that one should expect from Odoo 17 version

Fine-Tuned Odoo UI Experience

Fine-Tuned Odoo UI Experience

Fine-Tuned Odoo UI Experience

If you see this image above, you will see some UI/UX refactoring in the brand new Odoo 17 version. Well, we still don’t have any idea regarding the enhancements in user experience. We have got you some glimpses of things to expect from the brand new Odoo version. You can see some changes in the icons visible on the screen.

Advanced Search View

Advanced Search View

One of the best possible additions to Odoo 17 is its advanced search feature. With the help of this feature, you can find more specific records after applying filters. Here, you can add multiple filters with different rule to pick from. When compared to earlier versions, Odoo 17 versions search option is going to be more robust. With this, there will be a boost in your business productivity and improvement in user experience.

Odoo PWA Shortcut

With the increase in use of smartphone, it will be easier to work with Odoo PWA (progressive web apps). Odoo 17 is coming up with a shortcut method that will let the user access important apps as quick as possible. Well, we all have to wait to see this amazing feature until the release notes are finalized.

Quick Record Selection with Keyboard

With the introduction of Odoo 17,it will be simpler to select or unselect records. It is also integrated with a new interface to help you use keyboard shortcuts for selecting and shifting key support for numerous selections at once. Last but not least, here you will also find an ‘Unselect all’ button to unselect the selected records.

Freezing List and Kanban Column Headers 

Earlier, the list and column were not visible while scrolling for more data. This ultimately created a problem for users. With Odoo 17, they are trying to introduce the option to freeze the list and kanban column headers even when scrolled. With this feature, it will become easier to access the list.

Add up Sale Order Products From Catalog View

With Odoo 17, you can select the products, add and lessen the products of sale order directly from the catalogue view. 

Reminder of Documents to be Signed

The Odoo 17 sign module will remind you of documents that are awaiting to be signed, after the one that have been signed already. Besides this, you will also be able to pick if wish to sign the document at the present moment or want to slide in for later.


These were some expected features of Odoo 17 version. Well, you might have seen some improvements in its user experience and user interface. There is much more to Odoo 17, that we will know at the time of its release. To know more about the upcoming Odoo 17 version, keep reading our blogs.

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