How to Implement Quick Commerce, and what is its future?

How to Implement Quick Commerce, and what is its future?

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Quick commerce also known as Q-commerce is a new facet of eCommerce. Recently, it has become quite popular among customers. The reason behind its popularity is the speed with which the products get delivered. 

The quicker delivery of products is possible due to better internet reach. In quick commerce, one of the most important things is nothing, but the timeline of the delivery. It is much more focused on simple orders, rather than the broader spectrum offered by traditional retailers. 

The major reason behind the rise of quick commerce is the shift in consumer behavior, social and cultural norms. As people are always looking for quick options, q-commerce fits the bill anyway.

Now that we know a bit about quick commerce, it is time to understand its implementation process and what the future looks like.

Steps to Implement Quick Commerce for Your Business

Quick Commerce is a must for companies that have older people and professionals as their target audiences. It is also a good choice for businesses that are into consumer packaged goods and have a wider spectrum of audiences. In the end, all consumers want quick delivery, which requires the implementation of quick commerce for your business. 

Build Local Hubs

To ensure that your products reach your consumers in less than an hour, you will need to be closely located to them. Due to this, quick commerce always depends on local warehouses that can offer quick services to customers. 

A majority of quick commerce services are based in big cities and have a team of riders to deliver products. When products are delivered in a two-wheeler, they reach the targeted audiences earlier. There is no need to find any parking space, as two-wheelers can be parked in small spaces. 

Businesses can also take the help of local partners or third-party services when delivery partners aren’t available. Companies like Uber Eats and Swiggy have also started giving their services to supermarkets. 

Pick Apt Q-Commerce Stock

Quick or Q-Commerce works amazingly well for some specific products. This service is suitable for food, cosmetics, or FMCG products. Basically, the products that are used by consumers every day. 

One of the most ideal picks for q-commerce deliveries is medicines and gifts. But with the introduction of WFH, people have also started demanding office supplies and electronics with quick commerce. 

Generally, businesses that indulge in q-commerce make sure to have their customer’s favorite products in the warehouse. Q-Commerce has become a rage among generations like Gen Z and millennials. These two generations are more likely to opt for quick commerce delivery.

But, you should also think about restocking products that are demanded more by customers belonging to another generation or who are older. These set of people might prefer staying at home and ordering stuff. So, in short, you must pay attention to your targeted customer and then make a decision. 

Using the Right Software

It is extremely essential to have a real-time inventory management tool for making sure q-commerce goes with your business. Having an inventory management tool will provide you with precise stock information.

Besides this, it also helps in averting stock outs that could have a negative impact on your sales. It might also cost you a lot as the storage cost is quite high in big cities.

Future of eCommerce

With Covid-19 coming into the picture, consumer shopping behavior has changed a lot. Some customers are now coming back to the brick-and-mortar stores, but a lot of them still prefer online shopping. 

Quick commerce has become a rage among people, as it was already flourishing before the pandemic, too. And it is for sure that this concept is not going anywhere soon and is here to stay. With the advancement in technology, more eCommerce brands will start to offer delivery in minutes. 

What is new for Q-Commerce?

With the advancement in technology, quick commerce is expanding its services. With this, the number of products available for quick commerce is also increasing. At this point of time, most of the quick commerce services are focused on delivering groceries, but eventually they plan to indulge in FMCG products too. One of the most flourishing categories in q-commerce is health, beauty, and medicine. Other facets that could opt for q-commerce are books, office supplies, and luxury items.


Quick Commerce (Q-Commerce) has been in the eCommerce industry for a long time. But it came to the limelight during the pandemic era. Earlier, it was used in the food industry, but is now widely used for products like cosmetics, health, and wellness. 

It is extremely essential to carry out a proper implementation of quick commerce for getting the best possible results. The future of quick commerce is bright, as customers are always looking forward to quicker product delivery. 

We hope this blog will provide you with all the information on quick commerce implementation and its future. If you have any queries or questions regarding the topic or blog, please feel free to share them in the comments. 

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