How to set up an Odoo eCommerce store?

How to set up an Odoo eCommerce store?

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We live in a world where everyone is surrounded by technology. With the availability of technology stacks in the market, it has now become easy to manage an online business. The main issue remains the same, no software or platform can handle business operations alone. If front-end functions and back-end functions could be performed on a single platform, it could save a lot of time, effort, and money.   

It is always better to have an eCommerce store that is built and managed on a single platform, rather than one running across multiple channels. Odoo is one of the most preferred business management software that lets you manage both eCommerce and ERP functions. Opting for Odoo eCommerce will help you handle several functions in a single platform. 

Here, we bring you detailed information on Odoo eCommerce features and the way to set up your Odoo eCommerce store

Odoo eCommerce Features 

With Odoo, you can manage various functions like inventory, products, purchases, and payments in one place.  

Odoo E-Commerce Website Builder

  • Odoo offers complete access to CMS blocks in the front end. Here, the user can drag and drop the blocks to create products or blogs. 
  • You can set up various SEO attributes like keywords, meta descriptions, social media content and many more things from the front end itself.  

Multi Website

  • Odoo’s multi-website feature helps eCommerce business owners to fit different UI and design components into various websites. 
  • It also supports users to add different price lists and languages according to different business functions 
  • It ensures display of products according to the business domain.

Real-time Product Update 

  • Odoo eCommerce is power packed with various ERP modules that help in showcasing  real-time products and variant updates on the front end.
  • Odoo also offers the multi-warehouse and multi-location concept. With this, a user can manage stocks according to their warehouse or location.

Multi-Language Support

Odoo extensively supports multilanguage which enables eCommerce website owners to help their customers. Not only that, it provides an effortless buying experience to the customers as they can communicate in their preferred language. 

Payment and Shipping Methods/Functionalities

Odoo is power packed with integrated payment and shipping methods. Here, customers can both pay or ship from customer portals. If not, they can directly pay or shop from your Odoo eCommerce website

Odoo Payment consists of various payment methods such as:







The shipping methods are listed below: 





With the help of Odoo payment and shipping integration, you can help your customers choose the payment/ shipping method of their choice. One can integrate payment and shipping methods to their eCommerce website with the help of a professional Odoo E-Commerce development agency.

What is Odoo eCommerce doing to improve the shopping experience? 

  • Odoo offers various coupon codes and promo codes that can be used by eCommerce store owners to provide their customers with various discounts and promotional offers. 
  • With Odoo’s abundant cart, customers are notified if they happen to leave the cart without completing the check-out process. It also guides them through a smooth checkout process.
  • Suppose a customer has left some products in the cart, Odoo will ensure to email them about the products left in the cart. The email is sent after sometimes the customer has not purchased the product. 
  • Here, eCommerce store owners get the opportunity to customize some products to boost cross-selling. If they want to, they can also display recently viewed products.


With the help of Odoo eCommerce, you can simplify your business functions. If you are still thinking about picking Odoo, stop thinking and act now. Odoo is considered to be one of the best ERP systems for eCommerce websites. 

If you are already using Odoo and wish to opt for Odoo eCommerce, then you must consult our Odoo developers. They can help you through the Odoo eCommerce development process and make it easier for you to get it done.

We hope this blog on Odoo eCommerce will help you explore more things about it. If you have any questions or queries regarding the topic or blog, please feel free to share them in the comments.