Automate your Logistics Business with Custom Software Solution!


With technological advancements, it is now possible to know the present location of your logistics. Besides this, you can also revamp logistics practices, from planning, procuring, and fulfilling.

We at Uncanny amalgamate logistics and technology to make Supply-Chain Automation solutions that will lead to improved productivity. Our customized solutions will provide you with the best solutions for your logistics organization.

Utilizing the latest technologies to boost logistics performance

On-Demand Courier Delivery

Opting for this software system will help in simplifying sending, tracking, and management of courier deliveries. All of this will be performed through a well-connected logistics infrastructure, including a mobile app.

Speedy Management

Use an advanced fleet management system for providing direct access to customized data transported to your users.

Supply Chain Management

Provide an end-to-end, secure, and powerful supply chain infrastructure made with the support of an instinctive application.

Allocating Resources

By proper implementation and allocation of resources, you can see a boost in the productivity of your logistics business.


Segments That Come Under Our Umbrella


Managing Asset and Fleet

With the help of fleet management apps, one can lessen the cost of operation and boost efficiency. Manufacturers who deal in hardware are on an advantageous side by extending their existing software capabilities.

Omnichannel Solution

Automate Supply-Chain

Our team helps several companies to build and manage a speedy supply chain. We ensure to plan, forecast, and manage logistics to get that next-level efficiency and value.

Medical Entrepreneurs

Connected Carriers

We work towards the amalgamation of industry leadership with digital brilliance to help carriers and fleet operators build impactful, profitable and reliable transportation ecosystems.


Real-Time Solution

For improving customer experience, you must automate real-time tracking, resource allocation, and analytics.