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Whenever someone is about to choose Odoo ERP solutions, the first thing that comes to mind is nothing but what to pick – Odoo Enterprise or Odoo Community?

Well, there is no perfect answer to this question as to which version is the better one. Both Odoo Enterprise and Community versions have their respective pros and cons. So, it’s on you to pick the one that suits your business needs.

To help you understand the difference between Odoo Enterprise and Community, we bring you a comparison table. This table has listed all the features of both Odoo versions. Here we go, Odoo Enterprise vs community edition.

Significant Advantages of Odoo Enterprise

  • Better Security
  • Exceptional Scalability
  • Constant Innovation
  • Enhanced functionality
  • Ongoing training and support
  • Need for primary technical support and skills

One of the substantial advantages of picking Odoo Enterprise is its ongoing support. This support can be of great help if you’re a user with lesser technical skills. Talking about, support, it consists of user manuals and points of contact for immediate assistance from Odoo experts. User manuals are for instant reference, quick troubleshooting, and support services.

Odoo Advisory Service

How can Uncanny help you with Odoo?

Selecting an ERP system requires the alignment of three things. These three things are people, processes, and technology. This alignment will ensure that your organization is picking the best Odoo solution and integrating it into your organization’s strategic vision within a targeted budget.

If you’re still confused regarding which ERP solution to choose, we will help you pick the right ERP solution for your organization. Our experienced team understands your organization and its needs by focusing on the activities as follows:

> Inspecting your organization’s current IT systems
> Plotting your business process at a high level and understanding your critical points
> Discuss your future process and deciding high-level business requirements.
> Assessing technical infrastructure and producing an IT strategy to make a practical plan for your business.