Odoo Community Features

Odoo is an all-in-one business tool with several modules for Human Resources, Manufacturing, Financial Management, Warehouse Management, and Project Management. One major thing that differentiates Odoo from other platforms is it is an open-source software. With this, users can create customized solutions for their respective businesses.

Odoo Enterprise has all the features that are in Odoo Community. The only difference is that Odoo Enterprise also has some additional customization features. One can make use of Odoo studio for creating a customized experience for your business.

Odoo Community

The Odoo community is a free version of Odoo ERP systems. This version can handle the average level of business operations. It is best suited for organizations that have less than 50 users. The Odoo Community edition consists of several essential features and services.

Here, we bring you a list of Odoo community features to make the right choice for your business.



Customer Relationship Management plays an important role in creating new opportunities for your business. Apart from that, it will also help you secure new clients. The CRM module consists of both lead generation and monitoring operation that helps you to trace various leads. With the help of lead enrichment features, you can get more customer contacts through several marketing campaigns.


>> Pipeline Management
>>Pipeline Stage Management
>> Quotation Management
>> Team Pipelines
>> Customer Management

>> Lead Generation
>> Lead Management
>> Lead Scoring
>>Lead Mining
>> Lead Enrichment

>> Predictive Lead Scoring
>> Outlook CRM Extension
>> Recurring Revenues management
>> Sales Team Management


Odoo comprises a centralized inventory management system to handle business operations. This module has various advanced inventory management operations like drop-shipping and cross-docking. Last but not least, it can define the product moves which can be of great help for effective inventory operations of your organization.

>> Transfer Orders
>> Stock Management
>> Scrap Management
>> Product Replenishment Techniques

>> Run Scheduler Tool
>> Landed Cost on MO
>> Landed Cost on
>> Transfer Product Management


>> Product Variant Management
>> Product Tracking
>> Product Expiry  Management
>> Product Packaging


The sales module has several operational capabilities to provide you with structured tools for managing the sales operations of your organization. It has direct integration with other organizations’ sales features like POS, E-commerce, and other aligned modules of sales modules. It is viewed as a centralized management operation for all the sales operations of the company.

>> Sales Order Management
>> Sales Quotation Management
>> Customer Management
>> Invoice Management

>> Percentage sales Margin
>> Smart Date Input
>> Upselling Techniques
>> Product Management

>>Product Variant Management
>>Pricelist Management
>>Product Variant Management
>>Pricelist Management

HR Module

Human resource management operations hold utter importance in any organization. Odoo is power-packed with an assigned HR management module for various operations. These HR operations consist of payroll, attendance, recruitment, time off etc.

>> Department management
>> Employee presence Control
>> Employee presence analysis
>> Employee Update Rights
>> Employee Recruitment

>> Job Posting
>> Interview application management
>> Interview form designing
>> Designing survey forms
>> Employee attendance management

>> Employee leave management
>> Employee Management
>> Employee Contract management
>> Employee Challenge management


It is important to manage your projects efficiently without any kind of disturbance in the smooth running of operations. The project module of Odoo can be of great help in defining several projects, tasks, sub-tasks, and allocating resources. Besides this, you can also perform several managing and controlling tasks.

>> Project management
>> Task management
>> Sub task management

>> Recurring Tasks management
>> Customer Rating
>> Project Profitability calculation