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ERP software is capable enough to change the fate of your business. In the upcoming future, it will be impossible to run a successful business without an efficient ERP software. The reason behind that, it has become essential to run a business systematically.

ERP systems have their infrastructure that deals with the most complex business tasks and improves your internal communication & productivity. With ERP systems, the need for human interaction during project management lessens. Last but not least, the number of human errors will decrease and improve your business.

Odoo ERP System

Why attend Odoo Demo?

With Odoo demo, you get a proper understanding of the features of Odoo modules. As a whole, it provides you with a deep understanding of the Odoo ERP software system. It clears all your doubts regarding the functioning of Odoo modules. Not attending the Odoo demo can cost your business a lot.

If you don’t have proper knowledge about Odoo, you are bound to make wrong decisions like high implementation costs and losing important data. To avoid such situations, consult our Odoo certified consultants, who provide demos with complete guidance of Odoo ERP systems. We make sure that each module is present in our Odoo demo.

Things To Keep in Mind Before Opting for Odoo Demo

> Make a list of your priorities
> Request an Odoo demo on the elements you want a demo for.
> Schedule a specific date in advance
> Make a list of your doubts or questions
> Ask your consultants if you have any questions, but at the right time
> Make sure that each of your employees attends this live Odoo demo

Types of Odoo Demo

Odoo Videos

Odoo videos are the most easily accessible form of Odoo demos, but are less interactive than other Odoo demos. Due to this, users are not interested in it and avert using it. Odoo videos are not a total failure concept, as it showcases the unique capabilities of Odoo modules.

Odoo Demo Link

Odoo demo is one of the most preferred Odoo demos. To access the Odoo demo link, the user should request an Odoo ERP link. Here, the user can see the functionality of existing Odoo modules like Inventory, Sales, and CRM. The only limitation of this Odoo demo is that it doesn’t allow users to explore the full-fledged functionality of Odoo.

Until, you don’t have a proper understanding of ERP modules, it is a waste of time to test Odoo ERP on your own. You must have complete knowledge of Odoo modules for a fruitful testing session.

Odoo Live Demo

One of the most popular Odoo demos is none other than Odoo live. The reason behind its popularity is the ability to provide instant solutions. No matter if the concern is regarding Odoo modules or functionality, we will answer every question. Odoo live demo can be held at your workplace or online platform. After attending this demo, it will be easy for you to pick the best suitable ERP system for your business.

Why is Uncanny the best choice for a Live Odoo Demo?

At Uncanny, we ensure to meet the client’s needs as soon as possible. Our experienced Odoo consultants meet the clients and converse with them to understand their business needs. With this information, they can project the potential growth of the business. Our customized solutions will result in lesser implementation costs and more profits.

A unique thing about our company is that we conduct live demos according to our users’ needs. These demos help users to improve their business and deal with the constant changes in the business environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Odoo demo consist of?

The Odoo demo consists of all the Odoo modules apart from the settings modules. The setting module comes with super admin rights.

How much time does it take to deliver Odoo demo?

We can provide you with a real-time Odoo demo on the next working day. You will receive your Odoo demo login credentials on your email I’d.

Is it possible to request a particular Odoo demo?

Yes, you can request any Odoo demo you want. At Uncanny, we provide demos for all Odoo related queries.