Odoo eBay Connector

Odoo eBay Connector helps perform various management operations effortlessly. The main aim of this Odoo extension is to support you in integrating your eBay store with the Odoo management solution.

With the help of an Odoo eBay Connector, you can import everything, be it price, products, order, or categories. Besides this, you will not have to worry about entering products and cost details manually in each system. It automates the entire process of entering product and cost information.

What is eBay?


eBay is one of the most known eCommerce companies in the eCommerce industry. It is an eCommerce website that operates as a business-to-consumer enterprise and a consumer-to-consumer business. In all these years, eBay has created a distinct place for itself in the marketplace. eBay is an online marketplace that acts as a meeting point for both buyers and sellers.


What are the features of Odoo eBay Connector?

>> With Odoo eBay connector, you can import the list of both countries and currencies with ease. With quick navigation of the software, you can transfer all the country and currency information for eBay marketplace to the Odoo ERP system.

>> It can be of great help in importing product information from the Odoo ERP system to eBay by following some simple steps.

>> There is no need to add the shipping policies of all the countries manually. Opting for the Odoo eBay connector will support you to import shipping policies for different nations in one click.

>> It offers automation of generating invoices with the help of an auto invoicing workflow feature for all your eBay orders.

>> Odoo eBay Connector helps in exporting the listed items on your Odoo ERP system to the eBay marketplace. All you have to do is select the ‘List Item on eBay’ option. Once you have done that, just fill in the necessary fields about the product and export it to eBay.

>> You can deactivate the listing of a specific product from eBay by clicking on the ‘End eBay Item Listing’ option. Doing so will remove the specific product from the present eBay product listing.


Significant Advantages of the Odoo eBay Connectors

>> Odoo eBay Connectors provides you with multiple dashboards to supervise the activities taking place on your eBay store.

>> With the Odoo eBay connector, you can control all your inventories and manage stocks from Odoo.

>> It also supports the concept of multi-country and their currencies, which helps you manage your eBay store in the different parts of the world with a single tool.

>> By connecting Odoo to your eBay store, you will get strong community support. It will help you to customize your tool as per your need.

>> Connecting Odoo to your eBay store will provide you with access to various Odoo modules like Warehousing, Manufacturing, and Sales. These modules will insure the smooth functioning of your business.