Why Choose Odoo Field Service Management Software for Your Business?

Why Choose Odoo Field Service Management Software for Your Business?

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People who are into workflow management often come across issues when they try to achieve  seamless integration of centralized operations into field-based personnel. For such situations, Odoo has come up with another solution – Odoo Field Service Management. It offers you a centralized platform to manage your various operations.

With Odoo field service management service, you can help organizations to overcome the difficulties of managing a disorganized workforce. It will also help you reach the maximum efficiency and productivity. It can be of great help to enhance communication between field service management and enterprise resource planning.

What is Odoo Field Service Management? 

The term Odoo field service management refers to a tool that can help companies to track and manage their services efficiently. The on-site services consist of field work, repairing services, product delivery, installation, etc. All of these services can be effectively managed by Odoo field service management.

Top Features of Odoo Field Service Management

Product selling is a click away

There are times when you want to provide your services like spare parts for the product that has already been purchased. With interactive features of Odoo field service management software, you can sell these products in just a click. 

Ease in Itinerary Planning

Odoo field service management application can be of great help in quick itinerary planning. This plan is directly displayed on Odoo as per activity order. It is possible to filter the task user-wise and projectwise while the task allocation process. Here, the workers can have a look at their task for a specific day, week, or a month. 

Automatic Stock Update

No matter if the material is sold or purchased, the user will have to update it in the worksheet. Once updated, it will be integrated with the inventory application. With this, it becomes possible for workers to automatically update and validate the same. 

Time tracking of Each Task

Here, the workers have means to create a worksheet report. They can set specific time for a particular task. Besides this, they can also sign and send reports for validating stock picking. Suppose, a worker needs some extra time for completing the task, they can record that amount of time in the sheet. It would be visible on the signed worksheet. 

Invoice Creation

As the on-field workers complete the ongoing task in the worksheet report, an invoice will be created automatically. With this, customers can be assured that they are being charged on the basis of exact hours and required materials. 

Tracing Workers Availability 

With the help of Odoo field service management application, you can easily have a look at employees’ availability at work. It can be of great help in avoiding any confusion between employee schedule and interventions.  It also makes it easier to manage employees’ schedules by assigning tasks.

How does the Odoo field service management software works?

Foremost, a customer submits a service request, Odoo gets all the information and creates a new task. This task acts as a work order consisting of all the important information such as service requirements, customer’s contact details, and location.

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Assessing Skill set & Availability

With Odoo ERP, service managers can assess the skill set and availability of the technicians for assigning them an individual task. By making the best use of the overall employees database, managers can choose available technicians who have the required skills &  qualification.

Assigning Tasks

As the technician selection process is completed, it is time to assign them with Odoo. Here, the technician will get a notification on their device. This notification will have all the important details about the task. With this seamless communication, it will be easier to streamline the assignment projects.

Displaying Routes for Assigned Tasks:

One of the best things about Odoo’s field service application is that it can be integrated with a GPS tracking system. With this, the technician can have a look at the best way to complete the task. This system is capable of calculating the most effective way after considering various factors like traffic conditions, distance, etc. The technician can access all routes with the help of mobile phones for navigating the customer’s location.

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Customized Worksheets:

Some field service tasks might require specific instructions or checklists. With Odoo, you can boost your productivity by creating customized worksheets for technicians. It will ensure the timely execution of the task. These worksheets comprise several important details such as safety guidelines, troubleshooting steps, etc.

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Recording Time and Material Used

With Odoo field service management software, technicians can keep a track of the materials used, and also the time spent on it. The real-time data offers accurate inventory management and detailed insights into task duration and efficiency. If there are any issues, technicians can report them to ensure effective communication across the field and office.

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Invoice creation as per specific criteria

After task completion, Odoo offers seamless invoices on the basis of pre-defined criteria. The system is capable of generating invoices automatically. With this automation, you will see a reduction in manual errors and an increase in cash flow and customer satisfaction.

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Why Choose Uncanny for Odoo Field Service management?

With Odoo field service implementation, you can change the structure of your workforce operations. It is not essential to make this process a descriptive one, when you have Odoo experts for offering customized field service solutions. We at Uncanny can help you transform your field service operations with Odoo Field Service ERP Solution.

What will we do?

  • We will keep a check on your business needs and help you understand the important features that will be suitable for your Odoo Field Service suite.
  • We offer you a customized Odoo field service implementation service for your business. With this, you will be able to integrate Odoo field service with any platform of your choice.
  • With our training services, your employees will be able to use the software effectively without any hassle. We also work towards defining the workflows and protocols for dispatching, scheduling and tracking field service operations.
  • Last but not least, We will run some tests, troubleshoot some errors and make sure that the Odoo field service solution is ready to use. We ensure to take your field service operations to the next level.


Odoo field service management application is capable of managing field service operations, improving productivity, and enhancing customer service. It can streamline operations, be it task generation or invoicing. Having Odoo field service software for your business will help it to reach its greatest potential.

We at Uncanny offer quality Odoo implementation services in the USA, UK, India, and Europe. A customized ERP software solution will offer you a robust field service management solution.

We hope this blog on Odoo field service management will help you understand its features in detail. If you have any questions or queries regarding this blog or topic, please feel free to share them in the comments section.

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