Odoo Freelancer Vs Partner

Odoo is an all-in-one business tool with several modules for Human Resources, Manufacturing, Financial Management, Warehouse Management, and Project Management. One major thing that differentiates Odoo from other platforms is it is an open-source software. With this, users can create customized solutions for their respective businesses.

Odoo Enterprise has all the features that are in Odoo Community. The only difference is that Odoo Enterprise also has some additional customization features.

Odoo Freelancer Vs Odoo Partner


One of the biggest concerns among people is who they should pick for development and implementation of the Odoo platform. Well, it depends on your needs and preferences. You can pick a certified Odoo partner who is well-trained to handle everything related to Odoo. On the other hand, there is an Odoo freelancer, a single person who will handle your Odoo platform.

The decision is yours as to who you really want to work with. But to give you a heads up, here we bring you a detailed comparison of Odoo Freelancer Vs Odoo Partner.

Who is an Odoo Partner?

An Odoo partner is someone who holds expertise in Odoo. They can boost your business with the help of Odoo’s features and functionalities. A qualified Odoo partner can help you reach your pre-defined goals with their knowledge.

An experienced Odoo partner will understand your business and its requirements. After that, they will suggest various functionalities or modules that will lead your business towards growth.

Who is an Odoo freelancer?

An Odoo freelancer is a person who can develop the overall Odoo platform for your business. But he/she specializes in a limited number of modules. These individuals don’t have anyone to supervise them and work on their own terms.

Difference Between Odoo Freelancer and Odoo Partner


Opting for a freelancer will need you to give your precious time to tell them what you need. If the freelancer isn’t an experienced person, they will take more time in documentation, analysis, and project completion. It might be an expensive option as they work on time and material basis.


You will always need support and maintenance even after the development is complete. In such a situation, it is better to opt for an Odoo partner company. They can help you in the best manner and provide you with much-needed support. Before picking an Odoo partner, take your time and pick the right person to align the work process on a long-term basis.


One of the biggest disadvantages of associating with an Odoo freelancer is that everything is handled by a single person. Due to this, there are higher chances that they might not provide high-quality results and also delay your project. Opting for an Odoo partner is a bit advantageous as you get more than one Odoo developer to work on your project. With this, everything remains on track and your project is completed on time.