Odoo Functional Training

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Odoo functional training is of utmost importance as it offers information relating to functionalities of Odoo ERP modules. Without proper training, you will not be able to make the best possible use of Odoo ERP system. 

At Uncanny, we provide you with complete knowledge of Odoo through Odoo functional training. Our team of experienced professionals will give you Odoo training from the perspective of both corporate and end-users. This training is for Odoo partners, ERP consultants and end-users who want to get a better functional understanding of Odoo. We provide Odoo functional training for both individuals and groups.

What is Odoo Functional Training?

The term Odoo functional ERP training refers to the process that helps individuals to understand Odoo’s features and functionalities. With this training, they will be able to make the best possible use of Odoo ERP system. 

It is extremely important to offer functional training to your employees. With this, they will get a proper understanding of Odoo functionalities and its proper usage. Suppose a sales team is not aware about usage of Odoo CRM and sales module, then it would have a negative or impact on your productivity. Is there any point of Odoo implementation, if everything is going to be the same or negative? 

We at Uncanny help our client by offering Odoo functional training. We have divided our training sessions into different modules. Our Odoo functional training is divided into five modules such as Inventory, Human resource, Sales, CRM, Administration, and Purchase. Our session starts with training the sales team offering them insights on the functionalities of CRM and sales module. Moving on to other sessions, we also provide training to the warehousing team. 

Odoo Functional Training

Objectives of Odoo Functional Training

With Odoo functional training, users will be able to:
> Work as an Odoo consultant
> Install and administer Odoo
> Operate Odoo with ease
Perform gap analysis of business requirements
> Configure Odoo as per standard modules
> Ability to change the look from the front-end (GUI) rather than a need for technical knowledge.

Odoo Funcational Training

Requirements for Odoo Functional Training

Some requirements are to be fulfilled by the participants are as follows:

  • Carry your own laptop
  • Ensure to install the latest stable version that can be downloaded from Odoo’s official website.
  • One must have basic knowledge of the parallel business processes
  • To have a clear understanding of Enterprise Resource Management and laws of management processes.
  • Good knowledge and experience in business analysis
Odoo Funcational Training

What is the Odoo Functional Training course all about?

The Odoo functional training course is for proving proper and detailed knowledge of functional concepts. This also includes the training for the latest Odoo version 16. Besides this, it also provides thorough knowledge of concepts related to Odoo. Some of these Odoo concepts are CRM, Sales, Accounting, Marketing, etc.  

If you are unable to attend physical training sessions, you can opt for online training sessions. At Uncanny, we offer online training through various online communication means like Google Meet, Zoom, and Skype. We get in touch with our clients by sharing our screen and showcasing how the system actually works. 

Odoo Funcational Training

Who is the Target Audience and Why?

Odoo functional training course starts with a basic idea and ends at an elaborate level. The target audience of this course are those who wish to get Odoo certification and the ones who use Odoo for their own business.

Odoo Training is available at three levels:
> High Level.
> Intermediate Level.
> Advanced Level.

Odoo Funcational Training

Why is Odoo Functional Training Important?

Boosts Business Productivity

Boosts Business Productivity

The main aim of an Odoo ERP system is to improve the productivity of an organization. One of the best ways to improve business productivity is to offer Odoo functional training to your employees. With this training, your employees will be able to automate daily operations and lessen the time spent on tasks. This will eventually lead to reduction in the overall cost.

Prevents Losses

Prevents Losses

ERP implementation is undoubtedly one of the biggest investments for your business. But, it will pay off when you will see an improvement in the efficiency and profitability of your organization. With this user training, you will be able to make proper use of the ERP system and your investment will not be wasted. When your employees' productivity improves, it will definitely save your time and money. It will even lead to your organization’s growth.

Improves Work Precision

Improves Work Precision

When employees have proper Odoo ERP training, they understand how the system actually works. With this, you can be assured that your employees are following the right process for performing their tasks. You will see a huge improvement in the work accuracy of your employees. With right training, you will get everything in a standardized manner be it data exchange or work related functions.

Role Based Training

At Uncanny, we offer role based training to our clients. This process makes the training session less complex. Generally, clients are confused about where to start the training process and how training could be effective. We offer quality Odoo functional training to our clients by dividing the training process according to different modules. Our focus lies in offering role based training. A single training session is meant for a single department only.

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How is Odoo Functional Training beneficial for your business?

  • Reduces operational cost and customization cost by almost 80%
  • Get along with Odoo’s core options out-of-the-box manner.
  • You can use functionalities through integral configuration choices.
  • With strong pre-sales practice, you can complete the project successfully
  • Put up a strong foundation for your project using detailed techno-functional gap analysis.

Odoo Functional Training Course Duration

If you opt for basic Odoo functional consultant training, it will be of almost 40 hours, whereas Odoo certified expert training is of 70hrs.

How does Odoo's functional training get its structure?

The Odoo functional training course is dependent on spaces like CRM, Sales, Accounting, Warehouse, production, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by Odoo functional training?

Once Odoo development is complete, the Odoo functional training consultants will deliver documentation. This documentation is for ensuring the smooth running of Odoo software. Apart from this, they also provide adequate training to the end-users.

What is the cost of Odoo functional training?

The Odoo training cost is dependent on the length of a training session. Basically it is based on the time duration of the training program. If you wish to know more about Odoo training costs, please get in touch with our representative.

Is Odoo easy to learn ERP system?

Odoo is one of the easiest and simple to use business solutions. There is no need to have ERP app integrations as it comes with10,000 + Applications to fulfil all your business needs. You can start your learning process with both the Odoo enterprise and community editions.

How is Odoo different from other ERP systems?

Odoo is one of the most user-friendly ERP systems that manages all business operations on a single platform. With the option of full integration, you can make up for the complex needs of your organization.