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Odoo is one of the fastest-growing ERP software due to its flexibility and easy integration with third-party applications. With the increasing popularity of Odoo, the need to know about Odoo licensing is also growing. The licensing rules and regulations are different for both community and enterprise versions.

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We at Uncanny provide you with the best Odoo consultants having precise knowledge of Odoo licensing. We aim to keep you protected from any future legal issues. With this, you can make the right decisions for your business and lead a hassle-free life.

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Odoo Licensing Costs

Per-User Cost

In this Odoo licensing model, you’ll have to pay a fixed Odoo license cost per user. The price for the US market is $28 per user. Suppose, if you’re using Odoo enterprise for the first time, it will cost you $24 per month.

Organization-based Cost

Odoo is an all-one solution for your business that can handle various departments. Here, you’ll have to pay a fixed licensing fee per-month for the Odoo apps selected for your business. It has nothing to do with the number of users accessing the application.

Types of Odoo Licensing

Odoo Enterprise License

Odoo enterprise falls under version v1.0. Suppose, if you don’t have a valid subscription to this version, you can’t execute, modify or even execute after modifying the Odoo enterprise edition . The only people who are allowed to make any modifications or executions are Odoo partners. It is an illegal act to distribute, sell or sublicense the Odoo enterprise edition or its modified versions. If you’re a subscriber, you can use Odoo modules along with the Odoo enterprise version, with or without the license.

Odoo Free App License

One can build new free apps in both enterprise and community versions. With Odoo enterprise, you can use the free apps with any license that are available on the Odoo app store As community version comes under LGPL (Lesser General Public License), they can publish and distribute free apps with any license.

Odoo community License

Odoo community falls under the GNU Lesser GPL version (LGPLv3) acquired from GPL. It is by free software foundation inc. Moving on to GPL, it is the most conventional version that allows the license owner to use the covered software for their organization. The scenario changes a bit in LGPL, as the license owner can use the software along with the same privileges as in GPL.

Odoo Paid App License

One can use Odoo Paid App License for paid add-ons available on the app store. If you wish to use those add-ons, you will have to buy them or get a written document from the author. It is illegal to distribute, sell or sublicense them. But, you can use them with the license as a library and also import features without taking anything from the add-ons.

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Significant Advantages of Odoo License & Consultancy

Many businesses are migrating to Odoo ERP systems as it is easy to use and come with vast applications. Opting for Odoo consultancy services will provide you with the correct knowledge about the Odoo licensing rules and regulations. They are the best people to guide you and help in choosing the right Odoo version that suits your organization.

The licensing differs a bit for both the Odoo community and enterprise versions. The Odoo community version is open, whereas the enterprise version is a licensed one. The available Odoo applications are both free and paid.

Generally, Odoo is an open-source software. But, there are some guidelines and rules one needs to follow. These rules are for Odoo app modification and reselling. Having an Odoo licensing consultant will lead to business growth without any legal issues relating to Odoo licensing policies. Last but not least, they will protect you from penalties for any violations.

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Why Choose Uncanny for Odoo License and Consultancy?

At Uncanny, we provide you with the best Odoo consultants that have precise knowledge of odoo licensing. We aim to keep you protected from any future legal issues. With this, you can make the right decisions for your business and lead a hassle-free life.

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Yes, you can avail some discounts. As your Odoo partners, we can negotiate and quote you the best price possible.