Odoo Magento Connector

The Odoo Magento Connector is for organizations that are working with the top-most ERP solutions like Odoo. With the help of this connector, you can connect your Magento-powered store or platform to Odoo.

With Odoo Magento Connector, you can exchange data from Magento to Odoo. Besides this, it can also send the information Odoo needs to handle its internal process. 

What is Magento?


Magento is an open-source eCommerce platform that offers online store owners various features like a flexible shopping cart system, functionality, control over the look and feel of the online store. It also provides robust search engine optimization and catalogue-management tools.

With Magento, you can be in one place and still be growing. It offers you several plug-ins and themes for customizing your website according to your business needs. Due to this, you might see an improvement in your customer relationship.

Odoo Magento Connector

What are the features of Odoo Magento Connector?

>> Odoo Magento Connector helps in processing the import of orders based on the order status in Odoo. With this, you can synchronize the information between both Odoo and Magento.

>> With Odoo Magento Connector, you can import all the products, excluding the configurable products. It also creates a bill of materials that could help you to maintain the proper inventory record.

>> To reduce data repetition, one specific task is created in Odoo for importing customers, sales orders, and various other categories.

>> Last but not least, it is capable of importing all the order statuses along with the cancelled ones. Other imported orders could be pending, started, done or failed.

Odoo Magento Connector

Why Choose Uncanny for Odoo Magento Connector?

At Uncanny, we have a team of experienced developers along with eCommerce consultants who have expertise in integrating Magento with Odoo. We perform Odoo Magento integration for both B2B and B2C business models.

We consider Odoo Magento Connector as an important development process. This is the reason we need to do a thorough analysis of the needs and requirements of your business models.

If you are still looking for a technology partner for Odoo Magento Connector, you must consider contacting us. We provide the best technology consulting services and also specialize in eCommerce Magento solutions. To know more about Odoo Magento Connector, do visit our website.

Odoo Magento Connector