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Odoo Migration Services by Odoo Silver Partner

Odoo migration is all about upgrading your existing platform. Odoo ERP system comes up with new updates and versions every year. These new versions are a sign to replace your existing version with the brand new Odoo version. With Odoo migration, you get your hands on brand-new features and functionalities to streamline your business operations. 

At Uncanny, we have  experienced Odoo migration experts for offering hassle-free Odoo migration services. We provide Odoo migrations with a proper flow to meet your business requirements. Our Odoo migration experts ensure to analyze your existing system before updating it to the new Odoo version. We make sure that your system is updated to keep up with the technological changes.

Want to migrate your website effortlessly?

With an experience of 10+ years, Uncanny can handle any type of Odoo migration. We ensure to keep all your data secured during the migration. There are various migration process such as data migration from legacy ERP and Community to Enterprise Migration.

We will migrate your website for better performance and lower costs. So the next time you’re looking for Odoo migration, you know whom to contact.


Odoo Migration Services at Uncanny

We at Uncanny offer various Odoo migration services for your business as listed below: 

Odoo Database Migration

The term data – migration refers to the process of migrating all your existing data to the new Odoo ERP version. Before migrating your website or store, you must make a proper migration plan. To make sure your data is safe, always configure your existing data with the new application and platform. Always ensure to modify, map, and import the table for operating in the new version. At Uncanny, we provide the support needed for migrating your website or store to a newer version.

Odoo Apps Migration

If you wish to have applications and add ons in the new Odoo version, then you will have to perform changes in the codes. It is essential that you do so for making it suitable for the new Odoo version. Odoo works on the python code, so the new changes are to be made by developing advanced codes.

Odoo Modules Migration

The term module – migration is also known as code migration. With the changing requirements of clients, Odoo keeps on coming up with new and upgraded modules. After these new versions are about to launch, the custom modules will have to go through some changes. The add-ons will require high-level code development, as Odoo works on Python. But don’t worry, Our professional developers will help you to streamline your migration process.

Migration Testing

If the applications have been modified and the data is also available, still there is a need for sophisticated testing. This testing process takes place in extreme conditions to ensure that the new platform is durable and reliable. The quality checks are performed on the basis of performance and usability factors.

Odoo Migration Process

Module Migration

One of the first steps of the Odoo migration process is migrating modules from Odoo or from any other platform.

Data Migration

Another important step is data migration. At Uncanny, we test the migration on the test database for quality check. If it clears the quality check, then it is transferred to the client’s database.


After the data is migrated, testing is done to make sure there are no errors.


Quality checks are done to make sure that the business data flow is error free and properly oriented.


The last but not least step is to move the data to the real data after completing the testing process and passing the quality checks.

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