Odoo Apps Migration

The applications and add-ons running on an older version of Odoo will need to be changed so they work seamlessly with the new version. Because the current operating platform is based on Python code, developers should use advanced coding languages to achieve this. To keep the user’s interface consistent across the upgrades, the recommendations are that basic features be improved along with new features being written especially for this version of Odoo. Uncanny provides the best Odoo migration service.

odoo apps migration
odoo migration

Odoo Database Migration

As part of the migration process, existing data should be migrated from legacy systems to newer applications. In order for this data to properly integrate with the new system, it must be compatible and transferable in a logical manner so that it can be read by both versions of your app in a way that makes sense.

Migration Testing

With all of the application modifications and data availability, there is a need to perform testing in order to display the endurance and stability that the new platform will have. The quality checks should be conducted on how well it performs in various circumstances.

odoo testing
importance of migration

Importance of Migration

The Odoo migration means moving from one version to another. The user will be capable of upgrading the newer version of Odoo that works better and is more reliable than the previous version. Now, this would be beneficial for all users as it will improve the productivity of their companies. Moreover, the migration will result in less time consumption with Odoo operations, facilitated terminology usage and integration from advancement in company operations. For an upgrade it is necessary to buy a support package which helps your migration procedure and guarantees overall functionality and security and, at the same time, will offer you future updates free of charge!

Our Odoo Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our ways of shifting your database is very simple. Here is a step-by-step view of the entire shifting process:

    • The first step begins with you downloading our public module and verifying the same before initiating the process of installation. When you verify yourself, it allows us to extract the essential pieces of metadata to initiate the phase 2 in migration.
    • Post the installation, send us the security token, allowing us to extract essential metadata like customizations, different modules and different records from your database. However, we don’t really make the decisions ourselves. It’s totally on the discretion of the users around which data they decide to migrate.
    • Once selected, we form a new database with all the migrated modules and then integrate your data into it.
    • Once everything is set, time to turn the key! The last step is to sync the information to your new database and allow you to access the dump of the new database before you update your NS records or reverse proxy configuration.

All our services are backed by a VIP guarantee

  • The time taken for a successful migration is directly related to your database and the desired number of modules that you wish to migrate. Ranging on the task and the amount of data that requires to be transferred, the process can take anywhere between a couple of days to a week, the average being 3 days.

  • No. Migrating modules is not something that we do. However, we do translate the code and deliver and deploy it in standard English.

  • Yes, we do migrate from websites but can’t guarantee the end results of the migrated page. It is usually upon the discretion of the customers around the process and most of them reach us to develop their website from scratch.

  • The total cost of your migration depends on a number of factors, ranging from the database to the modules and codes that are needed to execute migration.

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