Odoo Migration

Migrate your website without any hassle!

Update your old Odoo website by implementing a brand-new version. Suppose you’re not using Odoo right now, still you can migrate your present system to the Odoo ERP system. Odoo migration can be challenging sometimes, but with Uncanny at your side, everything will be fine.

Want to migrate your website effortlessly?

With an experience of 9+ years, Uncanny can handle any type of Odoo migration. We ensure to keep all your data secured during the migration. There are various migration process such as data migration from legacy ERP and Community to Enterprise Migration.

We will migrate your website for better performance and lower costs. So the next time you’re looking for Odoo migration, you know whom to contact.


Odoo Migration Types

Odoo Database Migration

The term data – migration refers to the process of migrating all your existing data to the new Odoo ERP version. Before migrating your website or store, you must make a proper migration plan. To make sure your data is safe, always configure your existing data to the newer version. At Uncanny, we provide the support needed for migrating your website or store to a newer version.

Odoo Modules Migration

The term module – migration is also known as code migration. With the changing requirements of clients, Odoo keeps on coming up with new and upgraded modules. After these new versions are about to launch, the custom modules will have to go through some changes. The add-ons will require high-level code development, as Odoo works on Python. But don’t worry, Our professional developers will help you to streamline your migration process.

Odoo Migration Process

Knowing Requirements

There are some important questions one needs to ask a client. Some of these are:
> Do you have any existing module customizations?
> Do you have any existing studio customizations?
> Have you had any discussion with Odoo support for migration?
> This implies to both Enterprise Version and Odoo Online. What amount of data do you wish to have in the new version?


We always create an estimation on the basis of pre-analysis. Post that, we go through custom modules to see if any of them is available at Odoo apps in newer versions. Last but not least, we discuss regarding the maintenance window as per database size.

Things to look after during the estimation phase

One must always keep a check on things like the importing or installing or modules, the product-database size, custom add-ons, and make sure the studio customizations work with a newer version.

Configuring System

While configuring a system, keep a check on company property, report layout, user & access rights, and mail templates.

Going Live

Pick a Migration Method
Mock Migration
Live release

Our Odoo Services

From Odoo Community Version 8 To;

Odoo Version 09

Odoo Community 9

Odoo Version 10

Odoo Community 10

Odoo Version 11

Odoo Community 11

Odoo Version 12

Odoo Community 12

Odoo Version 13

Odoo Community 13

Odoo Version 14

Odoo Community 14

Odoo Version 15

Odoo Community 15

Why Migrate to Odoo 15?


Edit and adjust Pivot Views and Graph Views
With Odoo 15, you can improve both data representation and also gain valuable insights. With customizations, you have the opportunity to compare different values.
Robust Purchase Management
Odoo 15 comes with a purchase dashboard that offers a real and attractive dashboard view. It consists of all purchase graphs and statistics.



Improved Inventory Adjustment View
Odoo 15 lets businesses check inventory details along with additional elements such as history and differences.
Cover Image for Project Tasks
Here, you can set a cover image in the kanban dashboard for easy identification. With this, end-users will be able to identify tasks quickly and effortlessly.




New HTML Editor
Odoo 15 comes with a brand-new HTML editor that works with HTML codes. Many developers use it for boosting productivity and make it more attractive.

Why Uncanny

Our seasoned team provides the best Odoo development services to solve your complex technical problems. So what are you waiting for? Reach out to us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is possible to migrate an older version of Odoo to the latest one. At Uncanny, we provide Odoo migration services at a low cost. Earlier, we migrated Odoo 10 to Odoo 15, Odoo 12 to Odoo 15, and Odoo 13 to Odoo 15. Generally, migration has two main phases, one of them is database migration and the other one is module migration.

Yes, Our Odoo developer will help you migrate your customized Odoo modules along with the up-gradation.

The timeframe depends on the size of the data. Well, most of the time, it takes 2 to 3 weeks.