Odoo Pricing

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One of the most crucial discussions that interest everyone while buying a product is its cost. Nobody wants to pay more for a product, as everyone is looking for lower prices. Recently, several companies are opting for ERP software systems to streamline their business processes. Unfortunately, these ERP systems are expensive and are not accessible to small businesses.

There is a solution to each problem in this world. Odoo ERP software systems is the solution to your expensive ERP systems. It is an all-in-one business tool consisting of various modules for Human Resources, Manufacturing, Financial Management, Warehouse Management, and Project Management.

Uncanny is the perfect place to discuss prices related to Odoo and its modules. Contact our Odoo experts to know detailed information about Odoo pricing.

Odoo Pricing

Types of Odoo Pricing

Odoo Implementation Cost

Odoo is a cost-effective system with a total, 30000+ modules along with both main and supportive modules. These modules should be configured according to the client’s business needs. Our Odoo developers will help you implement Odoo in your present ERP system. The implementation cost is on the basis of the installation of advanced features and implementation of Odoo to your existing platform.

It is always a good idea to implement Odoo with ready partners. They have the proper knowledge to implement Odoo in the best possible way. At Uncanny, we provide top Odoo services at affordable prices.

Enterprise License Cost

Odoo ERP comes in two different versions, Odoo Community and Odoo Enterprise . The community version has limited functionalities at no cost. Whereas, the Enterprise version requires money to get a license.

The prices of Odoo are fixed on the basis of the number of users and the module’s requirements. To your surprise, the Enterprise version is free for portal users of the company. But, they are allowed to use only limited functionalities and have limited access to sensitive data.

If you want more modules and applications, you can buy them from the Odoo app store. Last but not least, the Odoo pricing can also vary according to your business needs.

Odoo Migration Cost

The term Odoo Migration refers to the process of migrating to the latest Odoo version. Odoo is an ERP software system that comes up with updates every year. With Odoo migration, companies can attract customers and stay ahead of their competitors. Odoo pricing also includes the concept of migration. The default applications are available at no cost. Odoo pricing is for paid applications and add-ons for specific requirements of the company.

Odoo Customization Cost

Odoo customization is undoubtedly the best feature that let users customize Odoo according to their business needs. The Odoo pricing of customization is decided on the basis of additional add-ons and required modifications to support the company. Customization pricing mainly depends on the additional requirements of the company.

For successful customization, you can get in touch with our certified Odoo developers. They have the expertise to deal with your customization requirements. At Uncanny, we provide the best Odoo customization services at affordable prices.

Odoo Hosting Cost

Mainly, there are three types of Odoo hosting services such as cloud-based (Odoo online), Odoo on-premises, and Odoo.sh. Generally, the hosting cost is according to the hosting platform you select. To know more about Odoo pricing for hosting, please consult our Odoo experts who will guide you throughout the entire process.

Basic Odoo Applications

Odoo Pricing

Ecommerce App

An eCommerce application helps you to automate the process of reporting and stock adjustment. Besides this, it also lets you download delivery orders and invoices. Last but not least, you can thoroughly go through the pending deliveries.

Odoo Pricing


CRM app works best for tracking various sales activities. It provides the best customer experience and as a result gets you great customer support.

Odoo Pricing

Manufacturing App

Odoo manufacturing app aids in simplifying the process of manufacturing and boosts manufacturing operations.

Odoo Technical Support Services

Accounting App

Odoo accounting app supports the automation of invoicing process, helps track the company’s assets, and creates amortization entries.

Frequently Asked Questions

The number of users and modules you pick decides the Odoo pricing for your company website or store.

Odoo has both monthly and annual subscriptions. The monthly subscription is suitable for users who use odoo online or odoo sh. With an annual subscription, you’ll get some discounts too.

The term Odoo studio refers to a module that allows customization of Odoo apps or modules. The total pricing of Odoo studio is $72/month.

Yes, you can try Odoo before license purchasing. We at Uncanny provide a customized demo and a free trial of Odoo upon completion.