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A comprehensive guide to Odoo ERP System!

With technological advancement, there has been a change in the way businesses work. In recent times, Business owners are opting for ERP systems. These systems help in managing several operations in a single platform. Odoo is one of the most popular ERP software systems to automate your business operations. It is power-packed with numerous apps and modules like sales, manufacturing, human resource, and CRM.

Odoo provides multiple user access and is highly customizable and flexible. Apart from that, it is a cost-effective system that boosts the productivity and profit of your business.

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Where is Odoo Used?

Odoo is meant for all companies, irrespective of their sizes. It can be used by small firms and large corporates too. Until now, Odoo is one of the most installed open-source software in the world. It has a massive 7 million users worldwide.

Odoo comes with a total of two versions – Odoo Enterprise and Odoo Community. Odoo Enterprise is suitable for large companies that need more features and integrations. Whereas the Odoo Community is for small firms that require basic functionalities.

Odoo Software

What are some noted features of Odoo?

One of the main reasons behind Odoo’s popularity is its customization features, which are specially available to Odoo Enterprise users. Talking about Odoo Community users, they are provided with building and management features, accompanying, several other features like Marketing, inventory Management, Human Resources, and Sales.

Odoo Enterprise has all the features that are included in Odoo Community. The only difference is that Odoo Enterprise also has some additional customization features. One can make use of Odoo studio for creating a customized experience for your business.

Odoo Software

Odoo applications to boost sales:

Point of sales

Streamline Odoo operation with these applications:

Inventory management

Applications to integrate Odoo services:

Help desk

Build attractive sites on Odoo with these applications:

Website builder

Odoo supports business growth with these applications:

Email marketing
Marketing Automation

Odoo aids financial management with these applications:


What is the Cost of Odoo?

The Community version of Odoo is completely free. There is no need to pay anything until you’re using the Odoo community. The reason is lesser functionality when compared to Odoo Enterprise. This free version can be of great help to decide whether Odoo is the right tool for your business or not. Once you’ve used the Community version, you can decide whether you’ll buy the Enterprise version or not.

Types of Odoo Versions

In the past, Odoo has introduced some unique Odoo versions like 5, 5.1, 6, 10, 11, 12, 13, and many more. Odoo 15 is one of the most used versions among businesses as it meets several business needs. Odoo 16 is set to release this year, which will surpass the user’s expectations.

Can you implement Odoo yourself?

It is next to impossible to install Odoo by oneself. Odoo implementation requires proper assistance from certified Odoo partners. Generally, Odoo partners deal with both the functional and technical aspects of Odoo. With this, it becomes easier to implement Odoo and customize it according to your business needs.

Odoo Software

Frequently Asked Questions

Odoo Is One Of Those ERP Software Systems That Keep On Updating According To The Latest Trends In The Market. The Best Thing About Odoo Is Its Flexibility And User-Friendly Interface. No Matter, If You Have A Small Or Large Business, It Is Perfect For Both Of Them.

No, Odoo Is Suitable For Both Small And Large Businesses.

There Are Various Advantages Of Selecting Odoo Like:
> Open Source
> Cost-Effective
> Modular Structure
> Advanced Technology Support

Odoo Is Power-Packed With A Total Of 10,000 Integrated Apps That Are Available To Optimize Your Store Or Website.

Odoo Utilizes PostgreSQL As The Database Backend.