We have a wealth of experience with OpenERP/ODOO that we leverage to meet the needs of our clients. Open ERP/ODOO is software used in the business world, often associated with issues related to HR and creating a database that enables easier procedures when it comes down to accounting and bookkeeping. We specialize in helping professionals learn how to utilize their respective OpenERP/ODOO systems efficiently, improving productivity levels on both ends of the spectrum: for both organizations as well as individual users. We make sure that every one of our trainees receives expert level training customized to fit their specific needs and requirements. Our entire focus is always on providing high-quality training to learners. We provide clients with the support they need to make smarter use of their OpenERP/ODOO resources for their businesses in a variety of ways, including upgrading clients’ OpenERP/ODOO services portfolios and delivering comprehensive OpenERP/ODOO training bundles that can help streamline their business processes. One of the key reasons our business has seen such great success is surely because of our steadfast commitment to providing exceptional education programs to students who want to learn more about using OpenERP/ODOO. Our goal is always to improve profitability and productivity for our partners by helping them take advantage of every tool at their disposal. Our highly affordable openERP/ODOO training is customized for businesses who want to grow and expand their team without having to worry about knowing only the basics. It’s perfect for IT professionals, openERP/ODOO integrators, or workers within an enterprise who want to easily set up and run their entire workforce through hundreds of pre-existing modules designed specifically for human resource management so that you can gain new business opportunities.

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Human Resource Management & DMS Training

Taking part in our Human Resource Management (HRM) training program will enable you to develop an advanced understanding of how to use the openERP/ODOO tools to manage your all human resource activities. However, the scope of this course is broad and covers myriad discussions pertaining to extensive topics including installation, customization, deployment and many others.

DMS is a file management system for enterprise resource planning systems that stores and retrieves documents related to projects and business processes. This module of OpenERP/ODOO deals with document management in ERP installations. The purpose of the Document Management System is to organize documents so they’re easier to find. When it comes down to what happens in the future, businesses will get more streamlined when it comes to developing their systems. In a nutshell, DMS should give way in terms of things such as having secure storage for important records, more efficient data distribution (or access) via powerful search algorithms, automated archiving features and much more!

Training Pre-requisites

We encourage you to bring your laptop (computing device) with you on this course.

Make sure you install the latest version of Open ERP/ODOO in your computing device.

You must have access to the Open ERP/ODOO website at all times via your computing device.

When you are an experience in business analysis, you can gain a lot of knowledge about open ERP/ODOO. And it will prove useful for your training.

An understanding of business processes will be helpful for diving into the deep end with ERP/ODOO in this course.

With a thorough understanding of Enterprise Resource Management and the Rules of Management Processes, you will gain a better understanding of the technical Open ERP/ODOO concepts discussed in this training.

Our Odoo Services

Duration of the Course: 3 Days

On completion of this course you can ;

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, we provide technical training.

  • Yes, we train our clients functionally. We help them to understand every functionality of the module.

  • Cost of Odoo training depends on how long the training session is. In other words, the cost is based on time duration of the training program. Get in touch with us, to know more about costs.

    • The time duration of learning about Odoo ERP depends on how many modules you are going to learn. Also, if you are going to begin with Odoo technical training, it will take more than functional training. All things considered, it all depends on how many things you have planned to learn in Odoo.

    • We offer an online Odoo training program. It is really convenient, because location constraint will not be any issue in the way of learning. For more information, you can contact us.


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