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If you have invested a considerable amount in the latest ERP system, you will also have to spend some time on training. Providing training will result in increased productivity and improved performance of your employees.

Are you still looking for proper Odoo training?

At Uncanny, we provide official Odoo training for a better understanding of Odoo frameworks and modules. Our team of Odoo experts will impart knowledge regarding Odoo and its implementation. Getting your employees trained will help you stay ahead of the competition.


Types of Odoo Training

Technical Training

Technical Odoo Training focuses on new IT professionals and candidates who intend to learn Odoo customization and development.

Technical training consists of the following points:

  • Reviewing Odoo Framework
  • Learning to develop Odoo Apps
  • Learning to handle technical issues
  • Installation of Odoo in Windows/Linux
  • Various programming languages in Odoo

Functional Training

Functional Odoo Training is dedicated to infrastructure providers, clients, and final users. These individuals want to get a deeper understanding of the Odoo ERP system.

Functional training consists of the following points:

  • In-depth learning of all the Odoo modules
  • Training in the Latest Editions and Versions of Odoo.
  • Learn to create and Customize with Odoo Studio.
  • Learn to save time and improve business efficiency

Corporate Training

Corporate Odoo Training is for corporate firms utilizing Odoo. Besides this, it is meant for people who want to migrate their overall business operations to Odoo.

Corporate training consists of the following points:

  • Video Training
  • Providing live support
  • Odoo modules training through business process
  • Imparting training through Live Demos and interactive sessions

Training Pre-requisites

We encourage you to bring your laptop (computing device) with you on this course.

Make sure you install the latest version of Open ERP/ODOO in your computing device.

You must have access to the Open ERP/ODOO website at all times via your computing device.

When you are an experience in business analysis, you can gain a lot of knowledge about open ERP/ODOO. And it will prove useful for your training.

An understanding of business processes will be helpful for diving into the deep end with ERP/ODOO in this course.

With a thorough understanding of Enterprise Resource Management and the Rules of Management Processes, you will gain a better understanding of the technical Open ERP/ODOO concepts discussed in this training.

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Significant Advantages of Odoo Training

Boosts Productivity

After getting a deeper understanding of Odoo modules, you can carry out your daily business tasks with more efficacy. With proper Odoo training, you can make proper use of various resources like time and money. Last but not the least, it will also reduce your dependence on a third party when performing a difficult task.

Effortless Implementation

The successful implementation of Odoo is dependent on your understanding of Odoo modules. You’ll have to show more interest in learning more about the functionalities of Odoo. With proper Odoo training, you can prevent implementation failures. Getting additional knowledge about Odoo features and functionalities will help in simplifying your business process.

Do away with Risk

Odoo training is one of the most preferred ways to minimize risks. It is only through training that you can remove any uncertainty in carrying out business operations. You can use and access similar data by getting rid of human errors with the help of proper Odoo training. To get proper Odoo training, you must contact the best Odoo partners.

Duration of the Course: 3 Days

On completion of this course you can ;

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, We Provide Technical Training.

Yes, We Train Our Clients Functionally. We Help Them To Understand Every Functionality Of The Module.

Cost Of Odoo Training Depends On How Long The Training Session Is. In Other Words, The Cost Is Based On Time Duration Of The Training Program. Get In Touch With Us, To Know More About Costs.

The Time Duration Of Learning About Odoo ERP Depends On How Many Modules You Are Going To Learn. Also, If You Are Going To Begin With Odoo Technical Training, It Will Take More Than Functional Training. All Things Considered, It All Depends On How Many Things You Have Planned To Learn In Odoo.

We Offer An Online Odoo Training Program. It Is Really Convenient, Because Location Constraint Will Not Be Any Issue In The Way Of Learning. For More Information, You Can Contact Us.