Odoo WordPress Connector

Odoo WordPress connector refers to an eCommerce module that provides overall control to website owners. It integrates Odoo with WordPress. With the help of Odoo WordPress Connector, you can manage all your operations from the Odoo ERP system itself.

What is WordPress?


WordPress is one of the most popular open-source platforms for creating websites and blogs. It is a content based management system that is user-friendly. People without technical knowledge can also operate it and make changes to certain sections of the website or blog.

Odoo WordPress Connector

What are the features of Odoo WordPress Connector?

>> It provides you with a two-way Import and Export sync.

>> You get support from numerous websites.

>> It provides you with huge community support, as both Odoo and WordPress are open-source platforms.

>> It also supports various languages, countries, and currencies too.

>> One of the best things, you get a single interface for comprehensive management.

Odoo WordPress Connector

Significant Advantages of the Odoo WordPress Connectors

>> By integrating Odoo into WordPress, you can ensure the smooth running of your eCommerce functions.

>> Both Odoo and WordPress are open software, which makes them affordable options.

>> It is user-friendly and does not require any technical skills or a developer to make any changes to the website.

>> You get a push-notification function for promoting various eCommerce products, services, and offers.

>> One of the best things is that it is completely secure.

>> Last but not least, you can assess the performance of your website to know how well it is doing.

Why Choose Uncanny for Odoo WordPress Connector?

At Uncanny, we have a team of experienced developers who hold expertise in integrating WordPress with Odoo. We consider Odoo WordPress Connector as an important development process. This is the reason we need to do a thorough analysis of the needs and requirements of your business models.

We have developed and customized numerous Odoo WordPress Connectors, which makes us a dependable partner. If you are still looking for a technology partner for Odoo WordPress Connector, you must consider contacting us. To know more about Odoo WordPress Connector, do visit our website.