Quickbooks Odoo Connector

QuickBooks Odoo Connector is a specifically designed module that connects Odoo with QuickBooks. It is one of the most used account management applications in the USA.

With QuickBooks Odoo Connector, you can increase the use of QuickBooks enormously. Odoo QuickBooks Connector ensures better communication between both the software, allows users to get the advantages of Odoo and also maintains their accounting operation related to QuickBooks.

What is QuickBooks?


QuickBooks, introduced in 1938 is an accounting software powered by intuit. This software focuses on small and medium-sized businesses. It also provides an on-premises accounting application along with a cloud-based version that lets your organization accept payments and handle company payroll.

QuickBooks is a business management software used to manage finances. There are times when organizations outlive the software and its overall scope. Organizations that wish to expand QuickBooks functionality might think of connecting QuickBooks to Odoo ERP software.


What are the features of QuickBooks Odoo Connector?

>> QuickBooks Odoo Connector provides synchronization of customers list between Odoo and QuickBooks.

>> With the help of the Odoo interface, you can ask QuickBooks to send an invoice to the customer.

>> It also synchronizes invoices between Odoo and QuickBooks.

>> With an Odoo server, you can automatically send a confirmation email once the customer has made the QuickBooks payment.


QuickBooks Odoo Integration

With Odoo QuickBooks integration, you can automate your accounting process, be it creation or invoicing. It showcases several things such as products, employees, orders, expenses, customers, inventory levels, shipments and other things directly from Odoo.

Odoo QuickBooks integration provides access to real-time data without entering any information manually. Here, all the transactions are synchronized automatically over various channels.


Odoo QuickBooks Integration Services consists:
>> Invoice Generation
>> Sales Order Creation
>> Inventory Adjustment

It is possible to integrate Odoo with both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop. The pricing is a bit different for both versions. It mainly depends on the business requirements and the number of users.


Why integrating Odoo ERP with QuickBooks could be beneficial for your business?

With QuickBooks Odoo Connector, you can automate your accounting process. Odoo is an ERP system that manages all complex accounting functions to meet all your business needs. All important transactions can be performed directly on Odoo without going back and forth between two different systems. This integration facilitates easy access to both accounts from one place.

Some integration features are as follows:
>> Import and Export of transactions from Odoo to QuickBooks or QuickBooks to Odoo.
>> It provides synchronization of order between both systems.
It helps in exporting customers to CSV files or Excel.
>> Furthermore, it sends email notifications when the manager approves an order.
>> Last but not least, it generates invoice reports in Odoo according to the user’s preferences.


Odoo Quickbooks Connector