Shopify Speed Optimization

One of the essential factors to keep your customer glued to your website is nothing, but a fast-loading website. A slow-loading website has a negative impact on your conversion rate and revenue. Not only that, but it also impacts your SEO process and your website’s ranking on Google SERP.

Shopify is the most loved eCommerce platform. But there are times when these Shopify website are slow. With this, there is a huge impact on your website and customer making a purchase.

At Uncanny, we have a team of Shopify developers to boost your conversion rates with our quality Shopify speed optimization services. With the help of Shopify speed optimization, you can boost your customer retention and bounce rates.

Our Shopify Speed Optimization Process

Shopify Website Evaluation

Our Shopify developers will assess the status of your present website and look out for ways to improve it further.

Sharing Findings

Once our Shopify developers have analyzed the entire Shopify website, it is time to share the overall analysis. We will share the report with you along with recommendations for improvement.

Create A Plan

As per the Shopify site analysis and the recommendations, our team of Shopify developers will create a new detailed plan for speed optimization.

Price Selection

As per your budget, we will help you pick the best one from our pricing plans. We have several plans to choose from for your boosting your website’s speed.

Site Optimization

Once the price plan has been selected, it is now time to deploy a Shopify developer for optimizing your website.


After the process of Shopify speed optimization completes, our team will share the website optimization & improvement reports. It will help you understand the growth your website has made post the optimization.

Why Choose Uncanny for Shopify Speed Optimization?

Certified Shopify Developers

Our highly-skilled Shopify developers look into each aspect of your new technology before using it. Being a top Shopify speed optimization company, we also have a team of experienced Shopify experts who build custom solutions for your Shopify stores.

On-Time Delivery

Our Shopify developers make sure to boost your Shopify store at the estimated time. We aim to provide quality Shopify speed optimization services to our esteemed clients. Our Shopify experts consider your business as their own and leave no stone unturned to make it work.

No Additional Costs

When you hire a dedicated Shopify speed optimization company, you will not have to provide them with any kind of infrastructure, be it a system or the internet. Our Shopify development services consist of security, health, infrastructure, etc.

Maintenance and Support

At Uncanny, we have well-trained Shopify developers to maintain your application for boosting its performance. We provide 24×7 customer support to resolve your project-related issues to ensure your app is working well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process of Shopify Speed Optimization?

Once you order the Shopify speed optimization services, we will ask for collaborator access. First, we’ll start with optimizing your Shopify site. This process might take something around 2 to 5 days.

Will there be any change in the Website design?

No, our Shopify developers will not make any changes to the design. Our aim is to boost your website speed without making any changes to your website design.

Does Shopify speed optimization boost mobile speed?

Yes, it definitely improves your website’s mobile speed. At Uncanny, we make sure to add mobile page speed to the scope of work.