The most downloaded Odoo eCommerce apps

The most downloaded Odoo eCommerce apps

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Odoo is popular ecommerce nowadays. And if you are already on this ecommerce platform then you have perfect odoo apps to install and increase your business by reducing some efforts.

There is no doubt in the fact that one can increase their business efficiency with Odoo eCommerce integration. With the features like multi-store, live chat, customer portals, fully integrated payments, data analytics, and many more, Odoo eCommerce integration benefits businesses to achieve operational efficiency and profitability. Here are the top-most downloaded Odoo eCommerce apps that can be the “icing on the cake” for your business.

Mollie Payment Gateway

It integrates all the major payment methods using one app only.

Odoo Ecommerce App Development Key features:

  • All online payment methods.
  • Inline Credit Card Payment.
  • Inline Issuer Selector.

Website Easy Add to Cart

It dynamically adds products to the cart based on configuration.

Key Features:

Dynamic Add to Cart Configuration.

Add to Cart Button.

View Cart.

Advanced Search in E-commerce

It gives search results as a drop-down list while typing on the e-commerce search bar.

Key Features:
  • E-commerce product search.
  • Provision to select a category.
  • Display results as a drop-down.
Website Sale Count

It displays the total number of products sales count on the website.

Key Features:
  • Users can see countable products sales.
  • Users can see the total number of sales of the product.

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