What Is Odoo Vendor Management and Its Prime Features?

What Is Odoo Vendor Management and Its Prime Features?

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The term Odoo vendor management system refers to users tracking vendor payments, procurement status, stock updates, etc. It also helps in creating segments for different types of vendors such as domestic vendors, import vendors, and freight vendors.

With the help of effective vendor management, you will be able to create strong relationships with your suppliers. Besides this, you can also optimize your procurement process and ensure timely delivery of goods and services.

Odoo is a complete business management solution that is power-packed with a powerful vendor management module. This module can be of great help in streamlining the procurement operations.

In this blog, we will talk about Odoo vendor management, its features and benefits to improve your relationships with suppliers and drive operational efficiency.

What is Odoo Vendor Management?

The term Odoo vendor management system refers to tracking of vendor payments, stock updates, and procurement status. This module can be of great help in improving your supplier relationship and taking your business to the next level. 

Main Features of Odoo Vendor Management

Centralized Vendor Database

Odoo vendor management offers a centralized database for storing and managing all information related to your vendors. It is quite easy to maintain a  comprehensive vendor directory along with contact details, payments terms, and other important information. Here, you can also access the suppliers information quickly and easily.

Supplier Evaluation and Performance Tracking

You can evaluate and track the performance of your vendors with Odoo vendor management. With the help of this module, you can define different evaluation criteria such as delivery time, pricing, and quality. One on the basis of these criteria, you can assess the vendors and also track their performance. It will help you make better decisions when picking respective suppliers.

Purchase Order Management

The best thing about Odoo vendors is that it can be integrated with the purchase order module without any hassle. With this, you will be able to  automate and streamline the procurement process. It will become easier for you to create purchase orders and send them to vendors directly. You can also set reminders for ensuring timely order confirmation, delivery, and invoicing. 

Collaboration and Communication

One of the most important things for a successful procurement is effective communication. With Odoo vendor management, you will have different tools for effective collaboration and communication. It will become possible for you to share documents, exchange messages, and log discussions within the system. You will now see a streamlined interaction between suppliers,  that would improve response times, and ensure transparency.

Contract Management

With the help of Odoo vendor management module, the process of managing vendor contracts has been simplified. Here, you can create, store, and track contracts with suppliers along with renewal dates, terms and conditions. It is possible to set up automated alerts for reminding you about contract expirations and contract management. This particular feature makes sure that you optimize pricing, maintain compliance, and reduce risks related to vendor agreements.

Inventory Integration

When you integrate vendor management along with inventory, it provides you with a complete overview of supplier performance, procurement needs, and stock levels. Besides this, it also helps to monitor stock levels and manage vendor lead times.

Analytics and Reporting

Odoo vendor management provides you with various analytical and reporting features. These features will help you understand purchasing trends and cost analysis. Here, you can identify opportunities, customize reports, and also track key metrics.

An Insight into Odoo Vendor Management in Odoo 16


Kanban view of the dashboard

To open an order, you need to click on each dashboard line.


Odoo Vendor Management

Managing Vendor Details

Defining Tags

Offers individual /company option

Option to add child contact

Looking after multiple company contacts

Vendor Management


Sales and Purchase Information

Reminders for receipt
Payment terms

Supplier Currency           

Barcode configuration

Fiscal Position

Odoo Vendor Management


Account Management


Vendor Bills

Batch payments

Employee Expenses

Odoo Vendor Management

Smart Buttons






On-Time Rates


Odoo Vendor Management


It is extremely important to have Odoo for effective vendor management. This platform will help you optimize your procurement process, lower cost and maintain strong supplier relationships. Odoo vendor management is an all-in-one solution for streamlining vendor management and improving coordination. It can boost your business performance by driving operational efficiencies and ensuring long-term success for your organization.

We hope this blog helps understand Odoo vendor management in a detailed manner. If you have any questions or queries regarding this blog or topic, please feel free to share them in the comments section.


What is Odoo vendor management?

The term Odoo vendor management refers to a system that lets you track vendor payments, procurement status, and stock updates. It can be of great help in creating segments for different kinds of vendors such as domestic vendors, import vendors, and freight vendors.

What is the main purpose of vendor management?

The main aim of vendor management is to help organizations to control their costing, reduce risks involved and drive service excellence.

How to manage vendors in Odoo 16?

To manage vendors in Odoo 16, you need to navigate to Vendors under the Orders tab. With the help of Odoo vendor management module, you can classify your vendors. You can do so by using filters, by making a group of companies or countries, and last but not least mark you favorite vendors.

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