What is the role of Odoo Barcode Scanner in Inventory Management?

What is the role of Odoo Barcode Scanner in Inventory Management?

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Inventory management plays a crucial role in the organization that deals with products and materials to use barcode. There are times when warehouse owners face difficulties in synchronizing their inventory data. Even the manual process of inputting inventory data takes a lot of time and effort.  To quickly increase or decrease supply, you need to have an efficient Odoo inventory management system.

One of the best ways to quickly find your products, serial numbers, pickings, and packages is to have an Odoo barcode scanner app. This app provides you with the basic functionalities to perform standard stock operations. They can be of great help in managing inventory, materials, shipments, and receipts. By just scanning the barcode, you get every minute detail about the product.

Here, we bring you a detailed blog on Inventory barcode scanner Odoo that will help you understand its nuances. Before delving into the topic, let’s brush up on some basics.

Let’s start with,

What do you mean by Barcode?

Odoo Barcode Scanner

The term barcode refers to an image with numbers, letters, and symbols. This image has information about the product, which can be easily transferred to the computer with a scanner. The characters inked on the image are in black and white.

These barcodes can be created easily.  All you need to have is Word, Excel, or any computer that has an application to change fonts. You can also generate barcodes through a dedicated inventory management program.

Why choose Odoo Barcode Scanner App for Inventory management

Why choose Odoo Barcode Scanner App for Inventory management

Easy To Understand

It is not a difficult task to manage barcodes for inventory management. The best thing is that you don’t need any technical knowledge to manage the Odoo POS barcode scanner.


Barcodes are quite affordable to implement in your inventory management system. These barcodes can manage all the activities and also offer product detection automation.

Common Technology

Barcode technology is something that everyone is familiar with, which makes it easy to access. Presently, all the ERP systems provide barcode integration.

Fewer Mistakes

With barcodes, there is no need to enter product serial numbers or other information manually. As everything is automated and taken care of by the barcode reader. When typing manually, there can be several mistakes. But with the odoo barcode scanner app, you can add all the information quickly with fewer errors.

Better Security

With Odoo mobile barcode scanner, you get better security to handle your data. Besides this, it also saves you from making mistakes that could land you in troubling situations.

Rapid Product Tracking

Inventory barcode scanner Odoo makes it easier to track various products. Once the barcode is scanned, all the details regarding the products are updated and thus one can track the movement.

What are the different types of Odoo barcode scanners?

There are 3 types of barcode scanners working with Odoo.

What are the different types of Odoo barcode scanners?

  • USB scanner
  • Bluetooth scanner
  • Mobile computer scanner
USB Scanner

USB scanner is one of the most affordable hardware for a small-scale warehouse. With this type of scanner, you can scan and process numerous products every day. Due to this, it becomes easier to move products rapidly from one place to another when required.

Bluetooth scanner

The Bluetooth scanners can be connected to your tablets, iPad, and desktop for displaying the information. This scanner facilitates you with the process of scanning and searching for things that is tough to find in any location. With the help of this scanner, you can get perfect information in just one scan.

Another benefits of Bluetooth scanning is that you can work for a longer period. Even if you are in a dark room, still you can use an  external barcode scanner. When compared to USB scanners, Bluetooth scanners are highly flexible.

Mobile computer scanner

Mobile Computer scanners are majorly used in large-scale warehouses. The warehouse operation consists of receiving, shipping and creating inventories. When compared to other scanners, Mobile Computer scanners can work and scan 2-4 times faster. They are both easy and comfortable to use.


Odoo barcode scanners play an essential role in overall inventory management. They ensure rapid movement of products from one department to another. Besides this, it also provides the entire details of the product in just one scan. Having an Odoo mobile barcode scanner will boost the efficiency of your organization.

We hope this blog on Odoo Barcode Scanner will provide you with all the information you need to have a better understanding. If you have any queries or questions regarding this topic or blog, please feel free to share them in the comments.

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