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Odoo warehouse management system can be of great help in streamlining and simplifying your overall business process. It can also manage your staff and look after your stock levels to sync your inventory. It uses real-time analytics to enhance your internal and external operations.

With Odoo ERP system, you can get your hands on all the warehouse panel details via SMS, email, and notification panel. You can create the price list and also get automatic pay orders by using reordering tools.

Odoo is a powerhouse of various features and benefits for your business. Here, we bring you a list of benefits of the Odoo warehouse management system.

Odoo and Warehouse Management System

Odoo and Warehouse Management System

Odoo’s warehouse management system consists of various essential features. With the help of a double-entry warehouse management system, you can track everything, be it from supplier to delivery agent or delivery agent to customer.

With the help of Odoo warehouse management software, you can look after several warehouses at the same time. Besides this, you also get notifications for restocking your products when your products are about to go out of stock.

Features of Odoo Warehouse Management System

Location Type

One of the most important features of Odoo warehouse management is stock location tracking. Generally, there are a total of three virtual, physical and partner locations. All of these locations can be merged from a single dashboard. Apart from that, you can also manage various product categories with multidimensional alternatives.

Inventory Report

Inventory Report

When it comes to warehouse management, people are concerned about mapping the available quantity of products along with product tracking. With the help of Odoo ERP, you can manage all these things from a single dashboard. With this, It also becomes easy to make reports for warehouse optimization.

Prediction Inventory

With Odoo warehouse management system, you can also predict product trends and seasonal demand on the basis of past inventory reports. It allows you to predict the quantity of a product and also maps dead product details.

Product Movement

One can track the product movement of all the inventories and warehouses through barcode scanning. Odoo ERP systems are capable enough to read both manually scanned and USB data and the one transferred through Wi-Fi.

It also provides authorization to warehouse managers and clients to track product movements. As every product comes with a specific barcode, it becomes easy to update movement and docking details.

Benefits of Odoo Warehouse Management System

Easy to Use

Odoo is one of the most easy to use ERP systems because of its easy operations and integration. The best thing about Odoo is that you don’t need any technical knowledge or training to operate this system. With Odoo, you also get a demo for various function that provides you with a hands-on experience before using the original Odoo system.

If you are operating a small business, then there is no need to hire any technical person for Odoo. The reason is its easy-to-use functionality and unique features. Odoo is considered to be the best ERP systems for both small and medium-sized businesses.


Odoo is one of the most cost-effective ERP systems in the market. Odoo offers two versions of the system – Odoo Community and Odoo Enterprise. The Odoo edition is free of cost, whereas the Odoo enterprise version costs just  $12.

Budgeting and reporting are of utter importance in warehouse Management Systems. Because a small mistake could cost a million dollars. Opting for Odoo ERP system will provide you with more than 35 modules. These Odoo modules can help you track your sales, accounts, inventory, and profit and loss of the business.

Standardized Approach

Integrating Odoo into your warehouse management system will make it more systematic and efficient. It will provide you with real-time information about the next step. With this, your organization can dodge issues like lost sales, out-of-stock products, and unsatisfied customers.

Averts Wastage

Odoo can be of great help for small organizations that have just entered into the world of warehouse management and Supply Chain Management. With Odoo’s advanced features, you can reduce the wastage of perishable goods. Odoo helps in managing a scrap or defective product from any business point.

Effortless Cost Assessment

Odoo comes with various cost assessment methods like Average Cost Methods, FIRST IN FIRST OUT (FIFO), and Standard Price for product costing methods. For easier warehouse management, you can use different tracking features like  ‘Lots Tracking,’ ‘Activity Log,’ and ‘Perpetual Valuation.’

Lease Opportunities

Odoo is power-packed with various extensions that come with the rental feature. This particular feature helps warehouse owners to rent their warehouses and machinery to other business owners. With this, they can earn a steady income without any stress.


Odoo warehouse management system acts as an integral part of the organization. It can bring a big difference in the working environment of your organization. You can automate various tasks, which will save your precious time.

We hope this blog will give a clear idea about the features and the benefits of Odoo warehouse management system. If you have any questions or queries regarding this blog or this topic, please feel free to share them in the comments.

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