A Brief Introduction to Odoo Warehouse Management System

A Brief Introduction to Odoo Warehouse Management System

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Any business that deals with production-based industries like manufacturing and eCommerce are mainly dependent on an impactful warehouse management system. Businesses need to have fully integrated warehouse management software.  It looks after the efficacy of the inventory movements and warehouse management processes.

A warehouse management system is a software tool that helps fulfil stock supplies with ease. Today, customers want their needs to be fulfilled at any time and from anywhere. Due to this demand, it becomes essential for businesses to manage their warehouses effectively. An effective warehouse management system supports you to meet all the requirements quickly and efficiently.

What do you mean by Warehouse Management Software (WMS)?

Warehouse Management Software

One must always make sure to look after warehouse management operations. Earlier, people used to monitor warehouses by making ledgers or bookkeeping. But with technological advancement, now you have various inventory management software to address different areas of warehouse operations.

A perfect warehouse management system offers overall management of various business operations. This system uses certain tools and menus to perform product movement and monitor logistics.

A Comprehensive Warehouse Management System – Odoo

Odoo is one of the best business ERP solutions to look after all aspects of the business. Odoo provides you with a dedicated modular structure that consists of various modules of operations. These modules are functionally integrated for providing complete freedom to operation management. It will result in more impactful and dependable corporate operations management.

Warehouse Management System

Presently, Odoo 15 is the most advanced and latest version of Odoo, providing quality performance and reliability in managing organizational activities. It is one of the leading solutions that can handle company processes with ease.

Odoo Warehouse Management System (WMS) Locations


Internal Location

The term internal location refers to the real locations of your warehouse. This is the place where operations like loading and unloading of products take place. For reference, you can think of a department store or a shelf.

Customer Location

Customer location is not something that is under your warehouse. It is a place near the final destination of goods.


View is nothing, but a kind of virtual location used to manage the ranking structure of the warehouse.


Production is a kind of virtual location used to manage the manufacturing process.

Vendor Location

Similar to customer location, even vendor location doesn’t fall under your warehouse. It is something that is inside your vendor’s warehouse.

Transit Location

Transfer locations are the locations meant for the internal transfer of goods from one warehouse to another.

Inventory Loss

Inventory loss is only used when you want to put the lost products out of stock due to inventory loss.

How does Odoo Warehouse Management System Work(WMS)?

Odoo is one of those ERP management systems that help to set up one or more warehouses and also manage smooth moves between the warehouses. As and when there is an increase in your business requirements, you can add numerous warehouses under your company.

Here is the entire workflow of the Warehouse Management System in Odoo:

How does Odoo Warehouse Management System Work(WMS)?

  • Start with logging in to Google Instance, click on the home menu and select the Inventory app.
  • Once you have done that, click on the configuration tab and move to settings. A warehouse only has one default location, but you can enable storage locations to manage multiple warehouses.
  • Select the warehouse house menu. After that, click on the create button to add warehouse name, short name, and select address.
  • There are times when you need to update Warehouse Configuration:
  • You have the liberty to set the Incoming and Outgoing Shipments process. Besides this, you can also enable or disable resupply processes.
  • Navigate the location menu and click on the create button. Here you can add the location name, cyclic inventory, and logistic strategy.

One of the biggest tasks is to pick a perfect warehouse management system. The arrival of Odoo warehouse management system has made it easier to boost productivity and efficiency in inventory management operations.

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We hope this blog will answer your queries regarding the Odoo warehouse management system. If you have any questions or queries regarding this blog or this topic, please feel free to share them in the comments.


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