Upgrade your Jewellery business with technological advancement!


We serve the diamond and jewellery industry with speedy and robust applications. This application will take your business to new heights of success.

At Uncanny, we provide innovative software and e-commerce solutions. Our team of experts applies its knowledge to update diamond and jewellery companies using technology.

Amplify your Diamond & Jewellery Business with CMS

Augmented Reality

With the introduction of augmented reality, one can try several rings, or any other piece of jewellery and know how it would look in real. The best part is that all jewellery collection is just a click away.

Diamond ERP

Having a diamond jewellery ERP will help you digitize operations like clients, manufacturers, and internal team members. This process starts with mining and ends with the final product – jewellery.

Opting for B2B Application

An enterprise mobile application is a software where 360 diamond views can be bid, bought, and purchased. Our jewellery app development services are on par with the current industry trends. Having a custom-built tech solution will improve the position of your business.

Customized CRM

With the help of diamond and jewellery CRM, you can understand the needs of your customers. Not only that, but it also provides an effective platform for creating strategies and meeting demands.

Diamond & Jewellery Business with CMS

Segments That Come Under Our Umbrella

diamond and jewellery

Thorough Search

We at Uncanny provide our clients with a thorough search mechanism. With this, they can locate their diamond and jewellery easily. We offer the best user experience with our solution for the jewellery and diamond business.

Omnichannel Solution

Omnichannel Solution

Opting for an omnichannel solution will help businesses in linking their ERP, eCommerce, mobile, CRM, etc. Our services definitely generate conversions and drive sales for respective clients.

B2B and B2C Solution

B2B and B2C Solution

We provide all our support to diamond manufacturers to control their inventory, supplier, and clients. Our digital solutions will help you handle all your jewellery orders.

Jewellery Manufacturer

Jewellery Manufacturer

With the help of our diamond and jewellery ERP, you can ensure the smooth running of all your business operations.

Why is Uncanny best for Diamond & Jewellery Solutions?

Uncanny has a team of experts who have considerable knowledge of working with diamond and jewellery businesses. We provide a personalized touch to our customized solutions.

9+ Years Of Experience

With almost 9+ years of experience, we have a fair idea of what is needed to build a go-to solution for your diamond & jewellery business. Our main aim is to provide you with the best solutions at affordable prices.


All our digital solutions comply with high standard security to avoid any threats to our efforts in establishing exceptional quality.

Flexible Approach

Our flexible development approach ensures to improve your products and their delivery time. We ensure that all our team members are on the same page and are working efficiently.

24×7 Support And Maintenance

No matter when, you require help, our team will help you around the clock. We will ensure to solve all your problems in time. With 24×7 Support, your software will always be up-to-date.

On-Time Project Delivery

We follow an easy development process for ensuring that our team is working in sync. With this, we are able to deliver our projects on time without compromising on their quality.

End-To-End Software Development Solutions

Our team of experts will provide you with a full-stack development solution. They can handle every aspect of your website, be it designing, marketing, sales, or testing. You’ll get quality software without any hassle.