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With the increase in the number of startups, there is a steep rise in the demand for ERP solutions. One of the most popular ERP solutions is none other than Odoo. For developing and customizing Odoo, you need to opt for a skilled Odoo developer with proper knowledge of Odoo ERP systems.

Want a dedicated Odoo Developer for your Odoo website?

Hire dedicated Odoo developers from Uncanny

Hire Odoo developers in the USA from Uncanny. We provide skilled developers with experience in both Odoo technical and functional areas. They will ensure to give you efficient solutions that are proficient and result-oriented. Our Odoo developers provide various services like Odoo development, customization, integration, and implementation.


Steps To Hire dedicated Odoo Developers

Decide Your Requirements

Before hiring an Odoo developer, we would like to know the type of Odoo developer you need. Besides this, we also ask about the number of projects you require assistance with. And if the projects are new or the existing ones.

Pick Your Team

We’ll recommend some of our Odoo developers to help you pick the one that suits you and your business needs. Before selecting a developer, consider if you’re hiring them for a short-term or a long-term project.

Application Development

Once you hire an Odoo developer of your choice, they will start working on your ERP project. During this process, they will always be in touch with you. At EOD, you’ll receive an updated reporting sheet each day.

First-Time Right

Our dedicated Odoo developers use First-Time Right coding to reach the decided goals. It boosts the speed of your project work and leads it to on-time completion.

Extend Your Application

According to your business needs, you can effortlessly scale your team up or down. You will also get the benefits of the development team along with the latest updates and migration support.

Our Odoo Services

Significant Advantages of Hiring an Odoo Developer

Skilled Professionals

Currently, India is the hub of technology and is providing one of the highly certified IT professionals. If you hire Odoo developers, they will bring their expertise to your project and make it a successful one. Not only that, but your project will also be completed on time without any hassle.

Aware of The Latest Technologies

Odoo developers tend to have better knowledge about the latest technologies and trends in the market. Working with an Odoo developer will help you apply the latest technologies to your project. With this, you’ll be a step ahead of your competitors and attract more customers to your store or website.

Lower Cost of Development

When you hire a skilled Odoo developer, there are higher chances of your development cost going down. As our Odoo experts will make sure to provide you with the best solutions at affordable prices.

Why Uncanny

Our Seasoned Team Provides The Best Odoo Development Services To Solve Your Complex Technical Problems. So What Are You Waiting For? Reach Out To Us Today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hiring a dedicated Odoo developer will help you customize your Odoo ERP system as per your business needs. They have considerable knowledge in developing, customizing, and integrating your Odoo projects.

You can get in touch with our Odoo developers throughout working hours. But, we would like you to fix a specific time for daily or weekly reports and discussions.

At Uncanny, we have a team of experienced Odoo developers who can help you develop, customize, and integrate Odoo into your projects. We aim to provide you with quality services on time.

Yes, you will get the source code. As we at Uncanny, transfer the ownership of all intellectual property to the client.

The cost of hiring an Odoo expert depends on the experience of the developer. Apart from that, it also depends on whether you need a part-time or full time developer. To get detailed and custom-made pricing, do contact our experts.

We provide Odoo developers with two hiring models. These models are part-time and full-time. When you hire Odoo developers part-time, they work for 80 hours per month. When it comes to full-time, the working hours exceed 160 hours per month.