Hire Open Source Developers

The term Open source technology is one of the most talked about in recent years. It is nothing, but a golden opportunity to boost your business with highly effective and attractive approaches.

As an Open source development company, we have a team of experienced open source developers that provide effective web development solutions for different industries. Our Open source development services consist of feature-rich applications and help in boosting your online business.

What is the Process of Hiring Open Source Developers?


First, we will take some time to understand your business needs. All you have to do is give us a brief about your idea. We make sure to keep all your information private and secure.

Choose a CV

Once we have an idea about your requirements, we will send you the names and CVs of the shortlisted candidates. Now, it is up to you to view the CVs and pick the profile that suits you and your business needs.

Take Interview

After picking the suitable candidates, it is time to interview the candidates over a voice or a video call. If you are still not satisfied with the candidates, we can send you more candidates’ profiles to you.

Hire a Team

After the interview, you can pick the candidate of your choice and hire them. We will have some terms and conditions to go through and sign an NDA for your app-idea security.

Our Open Source Development Services

Why Hire Open Source Developers from Uncanny?

Cost Effective

At Uncanny, we offer Open Source Development services at an economical cost. We ensure to maintain the product quality.

Bespoke Solutions

Every business is different, and so are its requirements. We try to understand your business and its needs, and only then do we offer a customized solution.


We aim to provide totally secured services to our esteemed clients. We ensure to keep all your information confidential.

Support & Maintenance

Get our reliable maintenance and support teams to assist you during every stage of development and delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hiring a dedicated Open source developer will provide you with customized services for your project at an affordable cost. They will specifically look after your project, which will result in faster and more impactful results.

Foremost, you must make a list of tasks that you want the developer to perform. Once you have done that, it is time to pick the developer and technology. After everything is finalized, we will set up everything and connect you to our developer.

Hiring an Open source developer from Uncanny will help you save on salaries, comes with zero recruitment costs, and flexible hiring models. Our experienced open source developers will take on everything from your shoulders and free you from the exhausting process.

The hiring cost of an Open source developer is dependent on the expertise level needed for your project.