Odoo and Artificial Intelligence: Transforming the Business Landscape

Odoo and Artificial Intelligence: Transforming the Business Landscape

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In the past years, businesses have transformed to another level with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). It has opened several opportunities for reinventing and expanding the business. Odoo Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has become extremely popular among business owners. The reason behind this popularity is the platform’s ability to manage and integrate different business aspects.

The amalgamation of Odoo ERP and AI is expected to be quite advantageous for the bright future of an organization. Here, we bring you a blog that will provide you with some important information about Odoo ERP and AI integration.

Odoo AI Ready Features

AI Chatbots

The chatbot framework makes use of artificial intelligence for linking different plugins meant for omnichannel and transitional workflow. AI chatbots can be of great help in answering customers queries when the organization is closed. The AI powered chatbot framework can be integrated with various channels and workflows through plug-ins.

Major Advantages of Odoo Chatbot  

  • Odoo chatbot offers quick and helpful answers to the query of customer 24*7. 
  • With Odoo ChatGPT chatbot is capable of supporting many users at a nominal cost. 
  • It can converse with people in their virtual space. 
  • Here, you will always get a proper response on the basis of the input training data.

Invoice Digitization

If you want to digitize your invoice, you can do so by creating an electronic invoice of your paper bills for your respective vendors and customers.

Businesses make use of this feature for: 

  • Invoices 
  • Receipts
  • Bills

Here, the invoices are scanned in a particular system where brand-new forms meant for both vendors and customers are generated. This specific information is then supplied automatically without any hassle. The process of Odoo document recognition is possible with the help of optical character recognition (OCR).

Features of Odoo Document Recognition

  • With the help of this AI tool, you can excerpt text from a picture and save it as a new record in Odoo.
  • This module makes use of the Tesseract Optical Character Recognition Engine for extracting the texts. With this, you can save both time and labour as there is no need for any kind of manual data. 
  • For update purposes, you need to make use of e Data Fetch module

Automated Document Processing: With artificial intelligence (AI), you can perform data extraction from various documents such as invoices, receipts and contracts. It will reduce human errors and also save a lot of time.

How Can Odoo AI Integration be Helpful for Businesses?

In order to make the best use of these AI tools with Odoo, you need a proper understanding of both the platforms. Besides this, you need to customize these tools to work in sync with Odoo ERP. Here is a list of benefits that you can achieve by integrating AI into Odoo for your business.

Customer Analytics & Customer Behavior

AI can be of great help in customizing your marketing strategy and efforts. Analyzing your customer data will help you suggest things that your customers are interested in. It will also help in boosting your sales. 

Dynamic Pricing Trend Forecasting 

One of the best ways to understand future fashion trends for each product category is to collect, analyze, and interpret information from different sources. These sources consist of eCommerce websites, social media marketing, etc. 

Recommendation Products

You can improve your sales by offering product and service recommendations to customers based on their last purchases, click, and interest. With AI-powered frameworks, you will be able to improve customer experience.

Improved Customer Experience

No organization can sustain without customer’s satisfaction. They are the most important pillar of any organization. Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to improve customer experience by automating customer interactions and providing individualized care. 

Bots: With the help of a bot, you can save a lot of your precious time. This chatbot can be used for answering client’s queries. The data collected here is used for asking questions further dynamically. 

Personalization: Odoo is expected to be benefitted from AI’s ability to customize user experiences. For doing so, AI evaluates customer behavior and preferences and delivers material that might interest that specific user.

Next Best Action

With next back action, you will be able to decide if a respective client is still engaged with your company or not. If the client is not with you, then what activities you can perform to get them back. One simple thing you can do is sending mails regarding new offers to attract them towards your business. 

Fraud Detection

With Odoo’s eCommerce and payment processing module, you can detect fraudulent activity using AI algorithms. There are several fraudulent activities going on such as  bogus orders and suspicious transactions.

Odoo AI Procurement Optimization

By looking over the historical data, AI can suggest the best vendors, quantities, and pricing. Vendor management systems can be integrated well with AI technologies as it is well spread throughout various corporate operations. The main reason behind AI’s popularity is its swiftness and accurate data analysis.

HR Management

Odoo HR module is power-packed with artificial intelligence tools that can be of great help in candidate screening, staff forecasting, etc. AI is also capable of offering strategies for proper HR management. 

Voice Assistant

An AI-enhanced voice assistant can be of great help to sales executives for keeping their records up-to-date while on the go. 

Natural Language Processing (NLP): Odoo capability of recognizing and processing natural language is based on NLP implementation. It offers smooth user interaction with the Enterprise Resource Planning system through text inputs and voice commands. 

Sentiment Analysis: With Odoo sentiment analysis integration, organizations can understand more about their customer via emails, social media and reviews.

AI in CRM: AI is capable of optimizing sales processes, providing accurate forecasts, offering personalized recommendations and enhancing complete effectiveness. 

Odoo AI Email Marketing

Email marketing efforts might get a boost from AI algorithms capabilities. Here, you can categorize contacts, forecast consumer behavior and optimize email content. Businesses are looking forward to using AI-powered solutions to evaluate client behavior and preferences.

Odoo AI financial reporting

In today’s dynamic corporate environment, it is extremely important to automate the process of financial reporting. With the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), several jobs have been automated in the financial services industry.

How Can You Use Artificial Intelligence When Working With Odoo?

With the help of Odoo AI, you can consolidate your workflow into one location while helping you stay in touch with your software. Odoo’s user interface is capable of making things  friendly and straightforward.

Let’s see how Odoo AI can be helpful in various industries,

Concepts for Business and the Tech Sector

Are you looking forward to a less complicated way of building a new module? Odoo AI can come to your rescue. You can use Odoo AI for creating modules based on your customized specifications. Odoo AI will provide you with detailed instructions and also help you write the necessary code.

Concepts for Manufacture and Production

You can make use of Odoo AI’s processing capacity for compiling data on the efficiency of your equipment. AI can predict several components such as the wearing out of seals, motors, and cylinders.

Retail and Wholesale Market Ideas

Odoo AI can be used for generating text for the product descriptions of your online store. On the other hand, it can also work as a digital sales assistant for directing clients to the best items for meeting their respective needs.

Methods of Property Administration and Project Planning

Odoo AI is of great importance for making attractive presentations from your real estate data. It will boost your speed and also your overall performance. The task that used to take hours to complete, is now completed in minutes. You can also use Odoo Ai for predicting the areas that might see a growth in popularity.


Artificial intelligence is all about machines thinking and working like humans. AI technology is capable of processing large amounts of data in different ways. The main aim of AI is to recognize patterns, make decisions, and work like humans. 

When AI is integrated into Odoo, it can boost the overall efficiency and productivity of an organization. Odoo AI will take your business to the next level and help you maintain your position in your respective field. 

We hope this blog has given you considerable insight into the world of Odoo AI. It is definitely the starting point of a better and an exciting future for your business. If you have any questions or queries, please feel free to share them in the comments section.


Is AI used in ERP?

AI is already being used in some core ERP functionalities. In some time, it will be generally used in various areas of business. By integrating AI into ERP, you can boost your overall performance in various areas such as customer service, human resources, accounting, etc.

How to use AI in Odoo?

You can start by configuring the AI engine in Odoo.
Then switch to creating prompt tones.
After that, create new prompt instructions.
It allows bulk updates.
Now, type "/" for commands on HTML Fields.
You can also generate content with the AI engine on odoo backend.
Generate content with grammar corrections.
Last but not least, translate the text into another language.

Can AI replace an ERP system?

AI tools will offer great improvements in your data processing problems. But, it is not capable of replacing ERP's data processing capabilities. AI is meant for providing additional intelligence to ERP systems.

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