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Odoo consulting comes to your rescue when you need a clear understanding of the features you should add to your Odoo solution. With Odoo consultation, you’ll get an idea if you really require customization or integration for your Odoo store. This decision will directly impact the total cost estimation of your Odoo solution.

Looking for a dependable Odoo Consulting solution?

We at Uncanny provide the best consulting services using the latest techniques to implement Odoo ERP into your business. To help you get the desired results, we will provide you with a dedicated consultant. The consultant will give you a short brief on your Odoo implementation project.

Our consultants have worked with clients from all across the globe. With this, you can get the best consulting services for your business growth.

Odoo Consulting Process


We kick off the consulting session by having a meeting with your team. In this meeting, we will try to understand various facets of your business. Some of these facets are your business process, business methodologies, and most importantly, your business needs. Once we have this information, our consultants can help you understand if Odoo is the right choice for your business.


Our Odoo consultants will start working on a strategy as soon as they know about your business goals and objectives. For a start, we will inspect your website to see which modules will work the best for your business. Before making a final decision, we go through the entire module’s functionality and limitations to ensure that it aligns with your business goals.

Odoo Customization

Once we have decided which module suits best for your business, we move on to customizing your Odoo website. During this phase, our Odoo consultants will customize modules, initiate module development and work in any other areas if required.

Odoo Implementation

Irrespective of the size of your organization, it takes a considerable amount of time and effort to implement new software. Our Odoo consultants can help you understand this process easily. They make use of some recognized methodologies to implement Odoo into your entire system. Our Odoo developers can handle all technical aspects relating to Odoo, such as the integration, implementation, and deployment of Odoo.

Odoo Support

We believe that our clients should never feel deserted after implementing Odoo into their system. Our Odoo consultants will always be there to support and train you throughout the course of your project.

Our Consulting Services Includes

Our Odoo Services

Significant Advantages of Hiring Odoo Consultants

Get Customized Leads

Our Odoo consultants can support you to generate customized leads that will result in more sales. We acquire some information about your business, like the challenges faced by you during the past sales cycle. Post that, we ensure that we pick the right modules and applications for your Odoo software.

Improved Customer Relationships

There is a dire need of having a good relationship with your customers, irrespective of the industry you belong to. Our Odoo consultants will help you understand what tools to use for improving your customer relationship. These tools refer to the ones that boost your efficiency and offer more transparency between you and your customers.

Supports Customization

Our Odoo consultants can customize your Odoo dashboard according to the needs of your business. With Odoo customization, you’ll be able to achieve the specific goals of your business. If you have pre-decided goals, then come to our Odoo consultants. They will provide you with the support needed to manage changes and handle the entire software.

Correct Analysis of Products and Services

To boost your business, you need to do a thorough analysis of Odoo ERP implementation. Our Odoo consultants lessen your burden by performing an accurate analysis of your products and services. Not only that, but they also suggest some changes in the quality of products and services.

Why Uncanny

Our seasoned team provides the best Odoo development services to solve your complex technical problems. So what are you waiting for? Reach out to us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Having an Odoo consultant is a must if you’re looking forward to implementing Odoo on your website. They will help you understand basic ERP requirements and also identify function gaps if any.

Yes, they have the expertise to understand your migration needs and help you customize and implement Odoo.

At Uncanny, we provide one of the best Odoo consultants for your business. They can identify your issue and reduce ERP implementation risk.

The consultation cost depends on the requirements of your business. We provide the best services at affordable prices.