Odoo is a multi-purpose software product. It’s one of the largest open source business application suites available today and it provides its users with functionalities to bring all operations of their business under one roof from e-commerce, accounting to manufacturing and customer relationship management. Equipped with a set of core features, Odoo can grow with a business seamlessly because it allows users to add the right modules whenever the need arises while still retaining the ease of use associated with a fresh installation. Uncanny provides the best Odoo ERP implementation service

Odoo ERP Implementation Services

One of the keys to becoming a successful business is by implementing an ERP system for various aspects of the business. And it’s crucial to choose an implementation partner who can best help you bring your company to new heights. Uncanny is an expert in Odoo and has extensive knowledge when it comes to ensuring high-quality Odoo feasibility studies, seamless Odoo implementation services, Odoo support, maintenance, customization and migration services. We’re proud of our ability to deliver quality software, on our top contributors status in the world of apps with most downloads and great client support. Additionally, our team members are skilled developers with rich knowledge of technology which allows us to offer brilliant solutions for your company on each project we undertake!

Uncanny has specific experience in working within various sectors and industries especially E-commerce, Manufacturing and Trading. We understand the difficulties that surround these complex industries extremely well. Because of our success thus far, we know how to implement the Odoo all the while keeping in mind the needs and intricacies of each particular industry.

Business Industries in Odoo

Each module performs specific functions which are interrelated to each other.



Restaurant Management


E-commerce & Website



Hotel Management

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When it comes to Odoo implementation, you should make sure you’re going about it the right way otherwise there is a risk of wasting time and money on a project that will ultimately fail. Generally speaking, a gold-level certified expert is considered reliable and trustworthy as they have plenty of experience managing large-scale projects involving the use of the Odoo platform. However, selecting a gold partner can be costly at first glance – particularly so if you’re looking at options from different companies simultaneously. In all honesty though, choosing an experienced development house is most important because it makes perfect sense in the long run. Also, they will be able to deal with any kind of community-based issues which can arise from their work – working most effectively with your engineers and designers on finding efficient and cost effective solutions for your business.

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Our reliable team of experts would be more than happy to assist you in solving the technical issues that are frustrating you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The availability of technical and functional consultants makes Uncanny the best odoo implementation partner for your company. 8+ Years of experience and knowledge in every industry domains, make Uncanny's project undertakings fool-proof and robust. We always keep customer desires on top priority while making every decision.

  • It is better to go for Odoo partners than freelancers for Odoo Implementation, as Odoo partners are more qualified and trained professionals. Being certified, Odoo Partners always adhere to standards and professional methodologies.Also, Odoo partners are experts in all industry domains and have access to Enterprise Edition source code, offering boundless Odoo services.

  • You can lower the cost of Odoo implementation by adding only essential modules that are required for your business. Lesser the modules, lesser the Odoo implementation costs. With no license fees unlike proprietary ERPs, Odoo community edition further lowers down the cost of Odoo implementation. Odoo enterprise online edition, brings down further the expense, as no additional infrastructures are demanded.

  • Odoo saves you with a lot of money, leaving them for utilizing in future customizations and other essentials. Secondly, Odoo offers the unlimited possibility of customizations in the ERP. Numerous custom feature modules help the business achieve business results with greater ease. Also with Odoo, there is no risk of getting locked in either by the vendor or technology.