Odoo Support & Maintenance

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Just like a machine, your website also needs regular maintenance. With our Odoo support & maintenance service, you can be sure about the condition of your website. Suppose, if there is any new update or change, we will notify you immediately.

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We at Uncanny are here to help you 24/7 in case of any breakdowns or website errors. Our team of experts consists of both functional consultants and technical support. With this, we can solve all your problems and ensure smooth-running of your business. Our seasoned developers can provide you with various supports like documenting, fixing the bug, and guiding.

Type of Odoo Support

Technical Support

With the help of Odoo technical support , you can analyze all technical issues that you might be going through. Besides this, you’ll also be provided with solutions if required.

Functional Support

If you want to understand the functioning of Odoo features, you must opt for functional support . With this, end-users can get the right understanding of Odoo ERP, which will as result improve the user experience.

Server Support and Maintenance

Odoo server support and maintenance is the key to troubleshooting all issues in touch with the server. Our developers will support along with security breaches, patches, and upgrades.

A Glimpse of Our Odoo Support Services

Support from Odoo

Support from Odoo

Whenever you buy an online subscription to Odoo, you get free access to Odoo’s online support.

The support consists of:

> Get direct access to Odoo’s source material like product documentation and guidelines.
> Solutions for minor bugs that you come across during customization
> Address issues related to Odoo’s standard database
> Answers question regarding your account or subscription

Odoo Technical Support Services

Our technical support services consist of:
> User Training
> Customizing Codes
> Odoo Project Monitoring
> Timely analysis of your organization.
> Importing documents to your new database.
> Odoo version upgrade with all data backups.
> Migrating databases from older versions or other platforms.
> Get daily answers of your queries from our company’s designated consultant team.

Odoo Technical Support Services

Our Odoo Services

Significant Advantages of Odoo Support & Maintenance Services

Trace Repair Work

You can trace the repair work easily with the help of the Odoo request feature. Once you’ve made the request, you can view the repair work status to know if it's in progress or done.


It is now easy to create reports with the help of Odoo maintenance module. These reports will let you examine various maintenance requests and repair statuses.

Preventive Maintenance

The term preventive maintenance also refers to routine maintenance. With timely maintenance operations, you might not encounter any dysfunction of the instruments. You should carry out preventive maintenance when your tools and equipment are working well.

Remedial Maintenance

When there is an issue with your tools and equipment, you must opt for corrective maintenance. With this, you can easily identify the issue with the equipment and take corrective steps to repair it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At Uncanny, we have an experienced team of Odoo developers who have worked on several similar projects. We make sure to provide you the best Odoo service on time and within budget.

We provide both technical and functional support for your Odoo website.

It depends on the organization’s ability to solve issues on its own. Well, if you have technical people in your team, you might not need our support often.

We will provide you with an SLA copy as soon as you have a support agreement with us.

At Uncanny, we ensure to troubleshoot and provide timely support and solutions to our clients.