Odoo Technical Training

Grow professionally with Odoo Technical Training from our experts!

We provide Odoo technical training to anyone who wants to learn Odoo and grow professionally. A non-technical person can’t understand the strategies and moves. If you have a proper understanding, then you can get the best possible results.

A technical sound person is capable of solving problems effortlessly, which leads to saving time and money. Currently, companies are looking for various methods to train their employees in the best way possible. Even if you opt for introduction-level training, it will bring a considerable difference in the productivity of your employees.

At Uncanny, we provide personalized training plans to meet all your business needs. We offer training both at your place or our office. It’s up to you how you would like to organize your training sessions.

To create computed fields
> Format views to showcase important information
> Discover different ways to inherit and adapt Odoo modules
> Learn various concepts of Odoo like change, workflows, etc

Odoo Technical Training

What is the Odoo Technical Training course all about?

Opting for an Odoo technical training course will give you a fair idea about Odoo and its technical concepts. With the latest Odoo version v15.0, you will deeply understand the technical concepts and their use for boosting your business.

Who is the Target Audience and Why?

This course is designed to meet the needs of people who are in charge of Odoo development in their respective companies. The main aim of this course is to make you independent when it comes to developing your new modules. Apart from that, it also provides a better understanding of the architecture of the Odoo solution.

Odoo’s technical training course starts with a basic idea and ends at an elaborate level. The target audience of this course are those who wish to get Odoo certification and the ones who use Odoo for their own business. It covers all the levels such as:

Odoo Training is available at three levels:

  • High Level.
  • Intermediate Level.
  • Advanced Level.
Odoo Technical Training

Why Choose Odoo Technical Training Course for your business?

  • A better understanding of Odoo concepts
  • Opportunity to become an Odoo Technical Expert
  • Configure Odoo Reporting and internationalization.
  • Proper management of sequences, views, and workflow
  • Improved Understanding of Odoo Framework, Data Models and APIs.
  • Use standard modules to configure Odoo and create a new module

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How is Odoo Technical Training beneficial for your business?

There are two main benefits of Odoo Technical Training, such as:

  • Installation and Administration of Odoo
  • A better understanding of development concepts and architecture

Requirements for Odoo Technical Training

Some requirements are to be fulfilled by the participants are as follows:

  • Carry your own laptop
  • Ensure to install the latest stable version that can be downloaded from Odoo’s official website.
  • One must have basic knowledge of the parallel business processes
  • To have a clear understanding of Enterprise Resource Management and laws of management processes.
  • Good knowledge and experience in business analysis

Odoo Technical Training Course Duration

If you opt for basic Odoo technical consultant training, it will be of almost 40 hours.

How does Odoo's technical training get its structure?

The Odoo technical training course is dependent on spaces like CRM, Sales, Accounting, Warehouse, production, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we at Uncanny provide training session recording. Suppose you miss any session, you can always catch up by watching these recordings.

The cost of Odoo training depends on the time duration of the training session. To get a detailed cost estimate, contact our experts today!