What are some expected features of Odoo 16?

What are some expected features of Odoo 16?

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With each passing day, Odoo is growing and reaching to new heights. It was back in 2005 when they introduced their version 1, and today they are soon going to launch version 16. They have come a long way indeed! Every time Odoo comes up with a new version, it brings in amazing add-on features. With Odoo 16, the overall system will be elevated to a new level of performance and user experience.

Expected Features of Odoo 16


Improved User Experience

Each time Oddo launches its latest version, there will be an improved user interface. With version 16, it aims to provide a better experience with every module. You’ll experience a lot of user-friendly functions integrated in to every module.

Better Performance

With every Odoo update, people expect better performance. No matter what, people always expect the same, be it from a new laptop, a Magento system or Odoo. The reason being, need to be ahead of competitors and getting best out of available resources.
Talking about Odoo version 16 performance, it is quite efficient and impactful. You will definitely like it once you start indulging in the same. Presently, Odoo version 16 is one of the most rapid and user-friendly versions.

Accounting Module

With Odoo 16, you’ll certainly get an updated version of accounting module. Here, there is an expectation that you might also get  VAT ID validation for eCommerce stores, better Intrastat reporting and E-invoicing methods.

Sign Module

The sign module has been updated again , and now you’ll have the opportunity to refuse to sign a document. Apart from this, you’ll also be able to have a look at the statistics and reports regarding employee skills. Last but not least, you’ll be able to pick the order and sequence where approvers process the Approval requests using the Approval module.

Marketing Module

With the latest Odoo version 16, you will be able to make out new templates from the ones designed earlier. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to switch global attributes of the mailing list all at one go. Not only that, but you can also quickly access your contacts and mailing addresses by importing them.


Odoo version 16 lets you divide and merge all the manufacturing orders. Suppose, if the link has been generated with a sales order, then your customer will also be able to track the status of their manufacturing order.

Wrapping Up

The Odoo version 16 features have not come to an end yet, there are great chances of more additions to it. Well, all those features will unveil only when the latest version will be out in market for use.
I hope this blog has given you a heads-up about Odoo version 16 that is coming up soon in 2022. Do you wish to know more about Odoo and how it can amplify your business? If yes, then feel free to DM me or email at ankitgauri123@gmail.com to get more details!

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