What is major difference between Odoo 14 and 15 features

What is major difference between Odoo 14 and Odoo 15 features

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Odoo, a famous open-source ERP arrangement, and business programming have been completely converged into one strong and versatile administration programming that can deal with different business needs.

Being a worldwide strong ERP suite, it never neglects to give its clients an improved form every year. Odoo 14 was delivered last year and was hailed as awesome, quickest, generally forward-thinking, and innovative progressed. Though, Odoo 15 will be delivered at the two-day online Odoo experience occasion, which will happen on October sixth and seventh.

This most recent Odoo rendition is an arranged overhaul that incorporates different new modules and improved capacities. Odoo 14.0 is more centered around saving time for representatives and giving cross-application incorporation than Odoo 14.0. Odoo 15 will be further developed and include rich, permitting organizations to run all the more productively and successfully.

A glance at the new highlights and amazing open doors in Odoo 15 will assist you with seeing the reason Odoo 15 is superior to Odoo 14. In the event that you intend to redesign from Odoo 14 to 15, it will likewise empower you to quickly acclimate to changes.

Comparison Between Odoo 14 and 15 Version

Odoo 14

For POS, Odoo 14 had new shopper interfaces. That made it simple for the purchaser to redo the shiny new item and its figure class. The email charging decision is some other new element.

Odoo 14 safeguarded new capacities to the item class: evaluating records and client reliability programs, which have been inaccessible in going before varieties of Odoo.

Odoo 14’s recently planned POS application module makes it simple to join up to 6 more prominent expense techniques. At the quit of each meeting, the customer can results easily supplant the stock with inside the POS with constant updates.

Odoo 15

This model incorporates the main trademark from model 14 of the module related to new elements: The coupon application and the Promotion application, in order to be brought withinside the valuing spot of the settings.

The coupon application trademark will help you in creating and saving coupon realities for sometime in the future. Afterward, on the component of offer, you can without issues pick the item and notice put away coupons.

It will appear at the item’s receipt, to be seen to the client. Coupons and publicizing applications for POS product might be executed here.

In the Point of Sale period of settings, new Ship Later abilities likewise can be added.

It will give you advance matters access ongoing in POS after which supply them later the utilization of the force of a convey later.

During the checkout, you can in any case choose if the boat’s later office is expected to complete the request or not. There is similarly money in and cash-out work that has been brought to the POS.

Difference Between CRM Module Of Odoo 14 And Odoo 15 

Odoo 14 Module 

In the CRM module of Odoo 14, a shiny new lead period tab become brought shutting year. This permits the shopper to create drives that envelop information which incorporates the state, country, undertaking size, and various variables.

Odoo 14 furthermore has better abilities which incorporates the limit than include a client’s email manage and contact number.

Odoo 15 Module

This model has a redesigned CRM work a decent method for improving lead managing side interest. It allocates closes specifically bunches the utilization of the area component. To do as such, visit CRM ‣ Leads Management ‣ Team Assignation and follow a chose region on each gathering.

These space names are basically global areas that incorporate scores.

This will blast pay leisure activity and investment of related bunch members for lead age.

Difference Between Odoo14 And Odoo 15 Inventory Management System 

Odoo 14 Inventory Management System

Odoo 14 presented a good to go Inventory management system, tabs for record assortment, bundling, notwithstanding documents for inward exchange.

The main advantage of Odoo 14 over ahead of time varieties is its renewing element—The recharging choice. The tab helps you in procuring matters in inventory and foreseeing well known things. It furthermore permits the acquaintance of reordering guidelines with make the recharging way extra logical

Odoo 15 Inventory Management System 

Presently, we should see what Odoo 15 has separated from Odoo 14 elements.

A web webpage present card might be presented on an eCommerce website.

It creates one-of-a-type codes while Gift Cards are bought, and those one-of-a-type codes are despatched to clients through email or face to face.

For severa sum acquisition of a current card, those Odoo applications/modules create more than one specific codes. Odoo 15 has a lot of ongoing highlights.

Discuss Module

Odoo 14

Odoo Discuss is a successful gadget for upgrading an association’s external report. This answer allows the enterprise to set up every public and individual report locales for its workers. Representatives can utilize this product to rate their psyche and collaborate in talk conversations with their collaborators.

Odoo furthermore offers message privateness and security, notwithstanding the ability to affix interchanges. Odoo Discuss might be combined with all various modules and used to productively control sports.

Odoo 15

Talk about capacity of Odoo 15 is the rule spotlight of this variant. Examine allows in you to convey all your enterprise’s dispatch altogether through calls, Videos, Chats, and so forth, the entire thing included into one application. It comprises of a couple of capacities from Version 14 like welcoming new people withinside the association the use of the connection, record sharing, direct messages, public and individual channels, sharing slides, improving and huge name messages sharing emoticons, etc.

Other features of this module are as follows-

  • Online, offline status checking
  • Available on phones also
  • Any external person can join meetings even if they are not an internal/database user. Similar to Google meet, Teams, Zoom
  • Integrated with all other Odoo apps
  • Available on community version also
  • 40 people can join the call at a time
  • Cannot blur or hide the background.
  • Can invite anytime during the call from an external database
  • 128MB maximum per attachment.
  • Can schedule future meeting links from the Calendar
  • Doesn’t block a person on discuss from the call
  • The chat story remains until you keep the channel

Purchase Management

Odoo 14

Odoo 14 underscores organization and clean appreciation through a brought together dashboard view. Odoo 14 offers a reduced and engaging show with complete information on demands that need to be given, forthcoming, and individuals which may be late. It moreover offers a particular gauge of the lead time.

These patterns through Odoo Partner can be equipped for asset withinside the advancement of your organization’s presentation. The confirmation set off is each other new trademark in Odoo 14. This capacity is safeguarded in Odoo 14 to help little undertakings.

Odoo 15

Buy Dashboard in Odoo 15 guarantees a right and trendy perspective on the dashboard, which fuses all purchase numbers and charts. This dashboard offers an adequate number of realities to compute the burdened and untaxed aggregate. On the Odoo 15 dashboard, visit the revealing tab.

Website Functions And Features 

Odoo 14

Working web index showcasing abilities like Google Analytics and working look for gear withinside the control center might be run from the designed boundaries withinside the Odoo 14 web website module. For each organization’s virtual promoting group, Odoo 14’s new web website module is a boon.

Odoo 15

The Ecommerce web webpage stage’s sharing usefulness might be utilized.

The item has rate fastens that can be utilized to rate it on assorted web-based entertainment webweb destinations through the web website gateway.

These options make it simple to rate data on a stage in order to complete the item.

Main concern

There are severa trademark forms among Odoo 14 and 15 that might be with no difficulty changed when you start the utilization of Odoo 15. It’s conceivable that organizations utilize Odoo, and afterward, following a year, there’s an absolutely new form, compelling the labor force to substitute yet once more. Yet, that is its magnificence, Odoo stays forward-thinking and hold its buyer forward-thinking. Odoo 15 will totally improve the appreciate of your faculty and various clients, regardless of the changes.

What is major difference between Odoo 14 and Odoo15 features
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What is major difference between Odoo 14 and Odoo15 features
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