What is Odoo POS Restaurant & its Features?

What is Odoo POS Restaurant & its Features?

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Odoo ERP is an extensive ERP system power-packed with various applications for smooth operation of your business. If you are someone who owns or runs a restaurant, then you must opt for Odoo Point of Sale (POS) Restaurant app. With the help of this app, you will be able to meet all the specific requirements of restaurants. 

Odoo restaurant app consists of several features like real time inventory management, user-friendly ordering process, and quick reporting. It can be of great help in boosting the sales of restaurants and offer them with an improved customer experience. 

What is an Odoo POS Restaurant App?

The Odoo POS restaurant app is one of the best solution for managing the sales operations of a restaurant. This app can be useful in streamlining the sales process and offering a better customer experience. Odoo POS restaurant app is quite user-friendly which makes it a perfect choice for small and medium-sized restaurants.  

With the help of this app, you can manage various things related to your restaurant like inventory, sales, and payment process. It allows the restaurant owners in getting insights on the overall sales performance. It also has a bunch of customization options for the specific needs of your restaurant.

Major Features of Odoo Restaurant App

An Odoo restaurant app is power-packed with various features like the capability to manage the entire ordering process. This app can be used by the restaurant for processing payments, taking customer orders, and delivering food. Here, you also get a robust table management system that helps in managing the seating arrangements and track the status of orders in real-time. With this, you will be able to offer a better dining experience to your customers.

Odoo Integrations

Odoo POS restaurant app can be integrated with the Odoo inventory management app. With this integration, you can manage your inventory and stock levels in real-time. It makes sure that you never run out of the products in your restaurant. With real-time reporting, it becomes easier for the restaurant owners to make mindful decisions regarding the inventory management.

Kitchen Display System (KDS)

With the help of kitchen display system, you can monitor and manage all the kitchen orders in real time.

Odoo POS Restaurant Kitchen Display System

Customer Loyalty Programs

You can create and manage loyalty programs for your customers by using the Odoo POS restaurant app. 

Odoo POS Restaurant Customer Loyalty Programs

Menu Management

It becomes easier to manage all your menu items, the pricing, and the description with the help of Odoo POS restaurant app.

Menu Management

Gift Cards and Vouchers

With Odoo POS restaurant app, you can create and manage all the gift cards and vouchers. With this, it will become easier for you to offer promotions and rewards to the customers.

Delivery Management

You can also manage and track the food delivery operations to make sure that each order is being delivered on time. 

Multi-language Support

With Odoo POS restaurant app, it is possible to display the menu and other essential information in different languages. It will help you provide a better service and experience to your customers. 

Mobile Ordering

This app makes it possible for your customers to place their orders easily from the mobile phones. It helps in reducing the waiting time and also improves the ordering process. 

Data Analytics and Reporting

Here, you get a robust reporting tool for tracking the sales performance of your restaurant. Besides this, you can also look out for ways to improve in your domain. 

Accounting Integration

Odoo restaurant can be easily integrated with the Odoo accounting module. With this integration, the restaurants can manage both their finance & bookkeeping on a single platform. 

Customizable Receipts

With this app, you can customize your restaurant receipts along with their brand and the logos. Besides, this, you can also add some message to amplify the customer experience and brand recognition.


These Odoo restaurant app features are just a small glimpse of what this app is actually capable of doing. In short, it is an extensive solution specifically designed for meeting your specific restaurant needs. It is one of the best choices for people who are looking forward to improving the efficiency and profitability of their operations.

We hope this blog on Odoo POS restaurant will help you make the right choice for your restaurant business. If you have any queries or questions regarding this blog or topic, please feel free to share them in the comments section.


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