What Makes Odoo The Most Secure Platform in 2022

What Makes Odoo The Most Secure Platform in 2022

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A typical ERP community will never be comfortable with general discussions concerning the security of this tool. Generally, they imply these security concerns to be of the platform rather than of the application itself. Due to this, the client’s services are looking to appear to be a bit expensive and tricky too.

Let us tell you that, most of the solutions available are quite simple and affordable too. There are several areas where one can receive a decent amount of security. Some of these areas are application, education, networking, and remote access. Well, it is next to impossible to analyze everything. But, choosing the one that even fulfills some basic checks will ensure the security of your implementation.

Odoo is the Most Secure Platform – Why?

Secure Design 

Odoo is designed in a way to avert any type of security issue that might come up during the course.There are times when people abandon SQL injection by making use of a distinguished interface that doesn’t need any SQL queries. Sometimes, people tend to eliminate XSS attacks with an elevated template software that is free of any data input. 

 Due to this framework, RPC are not able to access any personal methods or reveal security flaws.

Secure Software

One of the best things about Odoo is that it is customizable. All the Odoo users and developers from all around the world are evaluating the whole codebase. With this, the community’s bug reports become an important part of security input. Thus, we would recommend developers to test their programs for security flaws.

Independent Security Audit 

Being a self-reliant firm, Odoo is under the radar of its customers and potential clients for vulnerability scanning and testing. It’s Odoo’s security team that gets the result and then takes necessary action. 

All of these results are member’s property and therefore are never shared. Odoo is a platform that has a handful of independent security researchers who are dedicated to monitoring the source code. Not only that, but they also work towards enhancing and strengthening the security of Odoo.

Most Common Odoo Vulnerabilities and Solutions

Malignant File Execution

RFI vulnerable code has the ability to allow an attacker to comprise hostile program codes that would result in disastrous attacks such as database invasions. 

Odoo Solution

Odoo never reveals its ability to add remote files. Here, authorized can change some functions by adding custom expressions evaluated by the system. All of these expressions go through a scrutiny process in a sandbox with accessibility to only authorized functions.

Injection Flaws

The injection errors and specifically SQL injections can be seen regularly in web apps. Inserts take place when the interpreter gets any kind of user-specific data of a query or command. It is the attacker’s data that pushes the interpreter to execute any unwanted instructions! 

Odoo Solution

Odoo is a tool that is built on the framework of object-relational mapping. This framework neglects query construction and prevents SQL injection. Generally, developers don’t generate SQL.

They are generated by ORM. When it comes to arguments, they are encoded correctly.

Cross-Site Scripting

Suppose an application is recovering user-supplied data and is transmitting it to a browser without encryption, it will result into the XSS error. An attacker can make use of XSS for carrying out a script in the victim’s browser. With this, the hijacker will be able to hijack block the website, the user’s session, and deploy the worm.

Odoo Solution

The Odoo framework breaks out all representations that are shown in the pages and views for preventing XSS. The developer should ensure to make the term “safe” clear for the displayed page to contain raw data. 

Insecure encrypted storage

When it comes to web applications, encryption doesn’t come into the picture for securing data. Along with credit card fraud, attackers can also make use of unprotected data to perform additional crimes.

Odoo Solution

For securing all the saved passwords, Odoo uses industry-standard encryption for user passwords. To avoid keeping your user’s password locally, you can take the help of an external authentication system such as Google authenticator or MySQL.

Why is Open Redirect the most concerning Flaw for Security Experts?

Open redirect is one of the security issue as stated by certain members of the security community. It is because the tooltip showcases a similar site address and the user might know about the change in domain name after browsing, leading them to trust the link. An attacker won’t be able to attack if there is any other issue, rather than a direct failure or damage.

Why Does Odoo Consider Open Redirect as a Flaw?

The only correct content source indication in contemporary browsers is none other than the address bar. The browsers make sure to confidential data in the address bar. This is the reason behind Odoo ERP, suggests having a genuine SSL certificate for users to know about the changes made in the address bar. For your knowledge, Tooltips are always the manipulative ones and shouldn’t be used as a security signal.

Anyone who is expected to mislead tooltips can be deceived into not using open redirects. It is common for an attacker to generate a similar domain name and drop an email with a phishing link to a phony website.

Eliminating URL redirect or is not going to save it from being used, as it doesn’t increase data security. Well, some functions on which users are always dependent are defective. 


There is no need to function in a specific industry and be affected by a security flaw. At the end of the day, it is going to impact your business negatively.  Odoo is one of those tools that take away all your worries regarding your website. 

If your organization is seeing a downfall in client satisfaction, then please contact our Odoo professional at Uncanny.  Being Odoo Ready Partner, we can guide you through the entire procedure. 

We hope this blog will help understand why Odoo is the most secure platform for your website. If you have any queries regarding the topic or this blog, please feel free to ask them in the comments. 


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