What’s new for your business in Odoo 16 Website Builder

What’s new for your business in Odoo 16 Website Builder

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Odoo came up with its latest offering Odoo 16 at the Odoo Experience held in Belgium. Talking about Odoo 16 website builder, it has several essential features that can boost your business and take it to another level. This brand-new version has definitely improved in various departments such as user experience and operations speed. 

Among all of these developments, there has been a major improvement in the website builder of Odoo. Here, we bring you a blog that will offer you all the information about Odoo 16 website builder.

Major Improvements in Odoo 16 Website Builder

Better Backend View 

Odoo 16 version lets you have a look at all your products, blog posts, and important events from the backend itself. There is no need to go back and froth to the front-end to get all these significant details. 

Grid Layout  

With the introduction of Odoo 16, you can pursue the grid mode from any building block. Here, you also get the full control over the elements. You have the authority to move them anywhere on your website. In short, it becomes easier to organize your content.

Mobile Mode Edition

With Odoo 16 on your side, you can edit all your content in cell phone mode. Besides this, you can also add or hide any section according to your preferences. You can also pick the blocks you want to be visible on the cell phone or the computer. 

Forms for Images 

You can now use images of new category images also known as the devices. It is meant to help the images appear on various devices like cell phone and computer. 

Hover animations

Moving on to other additions to the Odoo 16 website builder, this version also has the scrolling animation. With this, the images on your website will move as you scroll up or down through the website. 


Odoo 16 offer you with the option to have live chat for attracting more sales and improve your customer experience. There is a way to fix some of your answers that will help your user the one appropriate for them. 

With the release of Odoo 16, you are about to get a handful of features for managing your organization’s process easily and efficiently. This new Odoo 16 website builder is power-packed with the latest features for boosting your overall business. 

Cookie consent

With Odoo 16 it is possible to ask visitors for permission before saving non-essential cookies on your websites.

Filters on products

In this new version of Odoo you will be able to make a list of your products, so your customers will be able to create a filter and find what they are looking for more easily.


The Odoo 16 website builder is one of the best addition to the latest version of Odoo. Your business could benefit a lot from this website builder. It will help you create your website according to your business requirements. 

We hope this blog on Odoo 16 website builder will help you understand more about this new feature. If you have any questions or queries about the topic or blog, please feel free to share in the comments section.


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