A Sneak Peek into Brand New Features of Odoo 16

A Sneak Peek into Brand New Features of Odoo 16

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With every passing day, Odoo is introducing brand-new versions along with advanced features and performance enhancements. Recently, Odoo introduced the latest version of its system – Odoo 16. With this new version, they have made the user experience their priority turning all the functionalities easier to understand. 

The Odoo 16 version was launched on 12th October 2022 at the Odoo experience event. As everyone expected, this version is quite exciting and has taken Odoo to the next level. It has become better in several operational areas such as user experience. Application performance, and operational speed. 

Want to know more about Odoo 16 and its features?

Keep reading this detailed overview of the new features of Odoo 16.

Top New Features of Odoo 16

Website and Chatbot feature

With the introduction of Odoo 16, you will get more control and customization options in the website building elements. To create an identical user interface, Odoo has amalgamated the front-end and back-end of the website module. 

In Odoo 16, the users will not have to reload the page which makes it more accessible and makes the way for easy user management. There have been some modifications in the chatbot functionality for helping users to get the solutions to their procedures directly from the chatbot.

Accounting Module

In Odoo 16, various important changes have been made to the accounting modules. One of the major changes is the warning/alert function. This specific function lets you control the credit limitations for sales and invoicing immediately. This new addition to the accounting module will be of great help to financial sectors like investment bankers. 

MRP Module

The MRP modules of Odoo 16 has got various advanced operational features. The most significant feature of this module is the potential to merge and split manufacturing orders. With this, users get smooth manufacturing management and well-organized planning.

Here, users can also track the status of manufacturing process of the products ordered by them. All they need to do is click on the link generated with the sales order. 


Talking about the CRM, it has made some major improvements in the appointment procedures. There have been enhancements made to the backend for better visibility and the onboarding process. With this advanced marketing module, users will be able to design well-defined email templates according to their business requirements. 

Marketing module

With the newly improved email marketing, it is easier to offer a premium marketing module experience. The users will also get 24 × 7 support from the Vimeo platform for e-learning. Besides this, users will also get access to new features for video creation, video editing, and many more. It also lets the users make changes to their global emails without any hassle. As the old emails are saved already, it becomes easier to create a new one.  

With Odoo 16, it becomes easier to retweet tweets for social networking and marketing purposes. It can be of great help in business’s social media platforms and create an online presence.  

Inventory Module

Coming to the inventory module, Odoo 16 is capable of managing back orders, and averting future problems. You might also realize that the postcard filter has been improved to accept the  ‘prefixes’ rather than a ‘form to’ on the shipping method. This brand-new Odoo version also lets you print the data. 

Here, it becomes a bit easier to manage to create a replenishment of a product/order in advance. Not only that, but you can also scan the package, pick it, and count the product’s quantity. Last but not least, you can choose either scan a mandatory or not-so-mandatory product easily.

HR & Sign Module

The HR module in Odoo 16 comes with several advanced functionalities like the ‘stress days.’ It is meant to manage the resources for upcoming deadlines and important projects. During these days, employees cannot take any leave from the office. 

Here, the HR can specify the approver sequence as per the needs of the company. One can also change it according to the employee grade change. It is easier to check on leave days, Time Off, and make allocations. Odoo 16 offers you reports and statistics which make it easier to track and monitor employee’s progress and their skills. 

Talking about the Sign module, here the approver is capable enough to refuse signing the document. Not only that, it is also possible to change the person in a system for the role to whom you have sent the document for the signature event after the request is already sent.


In Short, Odoo 16 has come up with various new features that will the smooth-running of your business operations. Uncanny, being the Odoo Ready Partner has worked on several projects around Odoo.  we offer various services including Odoo ERP (Odoo customization, Odoo integration, Odoo training, Odoo migration, etc).

We have provided various solutions to our clients that belong to different industries like  education, hotel & restaurant, management,  retail, production, healthcare, etc. Our services are meant for every industry belonging to any size (small, medium, or large). 

Last but not least, we hope this blog will help you understand the new features of Odoo 16 in detail. If you have any questions or queries regarding this topic or blog, please feel free to share them in the comments section.

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